Yahoo Mail Newcomers Review

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Yahoo mail is one of the most commonly used e-mail programs on Web. It allows unlimited storage on Windows 10 and mobile devices, including E-mail, SMS, social networks and instant messaging.

YAHOO mail is usually very easy to use, free format labels and smart folders are very convenient. Yahoo Mail has a spam filter that can capture spam more effectively.

The Pros of Yahoo Mail

  1. Yahoo Mail integrates many features, such as e-mail, instant messaging, social networks and SMS messages.
  2. Yahoo mail can use keyboard shortcuts. It has a desktop interface and attention to detail. Therefore, the use of Yahoo mail is very convenient.
  3. Yahoo Mail has online storage, and its capacity is 1 TB. Such a large capacity is equivalent to unlimited capacity, you can store your favorite materials, such as music, documents, movies.

What are the Cons of Yahoo mail?

  1. Spam filter is not precise enough, and its manual rule is not flexible enough.
  2. You can't freely mark messages (and use multiple labels) or set smart folders.
  3. If you want to use the IMAP of Yahoo mail in the desktop e-mail program. Sorry, you can't.

What services does Yahoo Mail provide?

  1. Whether you connect to Yahoo mail over the web, or through applications and through IMAP, POP, and SMTP. All connections to Yahoo mail are encrypted by default, for security.
  2. Easy to use, such as keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop, tab, and address auto completion.
  3. Yahoo Mail is also a social network that allows you to connect to Yahoo and Facebook users and get extra benefits for their mail.
  4. You can use two-step validation and on demand password to protect your mail.
  5. You can create a disposable account and delete it when you don't need it.
  6. Not only can you send e-mail, but you can also send it to Yahoo! Facebook and Windows Live contacts send SMS texts and instant messages.
  7. Yahoo Mail provides free e-mail accounts for 1 TB online storage.
  8. Paid Ad-Free Yahoo Mail excludes advertisements.
  9. On mobile devices, Yahoo Mail provides flexible or powerful native Web-based applications (for Android and the iPhone).
  10. Yahoo mail will scan the virus. And do not download other content in remote image or e-mail. This will protect you from online damage.
  11. As many as 200 filters, automatic file incoming mail. You can also prevent e-mail addresses and instant message contacts.
  12. Yahoo Mail automatically collects spam in the "Spam" folder, and you can report unwanted emails that are missing from the filter.

Organizing mail in YAHOO mail

Sometimes you want to organize all the mail. Yahoo mail provides search capabilities, you can find the mail you need, and drag and drop them into the corresponding folder.

Access Yahoo mail and integrate with social network

Yahoo mail can be accessed in many ways, such as POP and IMAP, and can automatically forward mail. By default, all connections are encrypted, which makes your information more secure. Yahoo does integrate instant messaging (Yahoo, Facebook and Windows live messengers) with SMS information and some social networks. For example, you can read updates from YAHOO and Facebook contacts and Twitter. You can share your thoughts with these networks, just like Yahoo mail.

If you are using mobile devices, Yahoo Mail provides a rich web based application. It allows a complete archive and some offline searches. These functions can be used by iPhone and Android devices.

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