Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

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This is the second time that Japan has the right to host the summer Olympic Games. The last time was the first summer Olympic Games held in Tokyo, Japan in 1964, and the first time in Asia at that time. This will also be a return to Asia after 12 years of Summer Olympic Games.

Why host the Olympic Games in Japan

  1. Tokyo has abundant capital, stable social atmosphere and public order.
  2. Tokyo has perfect transportation system and has the most complex subway system in the world.
  3. It has held the summer Olympic Games in 1964, and has some experience in hosting major events.

When will the Olympic Games start

The Olympic Games will be held in July 24, 2020 and will continue until August 9th. It was very hot in Japan in July. It is possible that some of the events will be held in advance or postponed. This prevents athletes from heatstroke.

Advanced technology will also be applied to the Olympics, for example, when people enter the venue will use NEC's face recognition system.

On July 22, 2018, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee announced the name of the mascot for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The blue mascot was named Miraitowa, meaning the future and eternity.

Where is the main stadium

Tokyo's new national arena is the home of Japan's plan. Located in Tokyo, Japan, it will be rebuilt by the national onshore arena and is scheduled to open in 2019. The stadium was chosen as the home of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. It is also the home of the 2020 summer Paralympic Games. The opening and closing ceremonies, track and field events will be held here. Planned to accommodate 80,000 people, the former stadium will be demolished in 2014, started in 2015, is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2019, and officially launched in 2020.