What Does Slang TFW means and Stand For

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What 'TFW' means and why people love to use it online? If you have just discovered a social media post, a commentary or an article. They start with TFW and follow a sentence behind them. What does this mean?

Slang TFW means and Stand For

TFW: That Feel When

Although this is not grammatically correct, it is a popular saying in social media. When you want to express your feeling of doing something, you can use TFW. You may be sad or happy. People can know how you feel after the sentences behind TFW.

The origin of TFW

It is not yet clear when the initials should begin. But it is probably related to the meme of "I Know That Feel Bro". It is characterized by a simple rendering of roles, embracing another character, as if he sympathized with him. It appeared on the Internet some time in 2010.

TFW generally means accompanied by some descriptive sentence. It can be paired with photos or even GIF to express the emotions behind the information intuitively. Sometimes, nothing can convey it better than image.

How to use TFW

Generally speaking, acronyms are used at the beginning of a sentence, followed by ordinary daily activities that most people have done before. The following two examples should let you know how TFW is used.

  • TFW you finally get a text back after eight and a half hours.
  • TFW you realize you almost just poured coffee in your cereal instead of milk.

This acronym is popular on Twitter because it's perfect for describing strange, funny, and embarrassing situations. People are using text, bad grammar and short forms of other words. Like most memes and acronyms that seem to tend to be ubiquitous, TFW is popular with young social media users. They have no problem with never spelling any correct grammar. The last example:

TFW u be a nice gf and run the bf a bath and u come back to ur skyrim game and ur characters naked and he's emptied all of ur stuff

Do you already know TFW? Well, you can play your imagination.