Set Yahoo Mail SMTP Server

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It is wise to receive all your e-mail in one location. You don't need to remember other e-mail passwords, so you are unlikely to miss important information. You can easily respond to e-mail from multiple e-mail providers from an application using SMTP.

Set Yahoo Mail SMTP Server

Sometimes you want to send and receive your Yahoo mail using other e-mail clients, whether on a desktop or a mobile phone. You must enter the POP or IMAP settings of YAHOO mail account. Then you can receive and send YAHOO mail from any e-mail program.

Set Yahoo Mail SMTP Server

Like the POP and IMAP accounts, the SMTP server settings are the same. In most cases, when you set up your Yahoo account, you enter them in the Settings section of the e-mail provider. In the e-mail program you plan to send to YAHOO mail, enter the following information:

  • Yahoo Mail SMTP server address:
  • Yahoo Mail SMTP username: Your full Yahoo Mail email address (such as "[email protected]")
  • Yahoo Mail SMTP password: Your Yahoo Mail password
  • Yahoo Mail SMTP port: 465 (587 is an alternative)
  • Yahoo Mail SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes

You can use these settings in most desktop and mobile e-mail programs. When you set up Yahoo's SMTP server on the e-mail client, a Yahoo folder appears.

Differences between SMTP, POP and IMAP

  • SMTP: Send E-mail
  • POP: receive your e-mail
  • IMAP: Send and eceive E-mail

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