What is a public IP address

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Your computer has a public IP address assigned to you by the Internet Service Provider (ISP), which must be unique across the Internet. If your IP address can be accessed on the Internet, this is a public IP address.

public IP address

Public IP address and the IPCv6 Standard

The public IP address must be globally unique. This poses a problem for the IPv4 standard because it can only accommodate 4 billion addresses. Therefore, IANA introduced the IPv6 standard, which supports more combinations. It uses sixteen binary system instead of binary system. Therefore, IPv6 addresses consist of eight separate hexadecimal arrays, each containing four digits. For example, abcd:9876:4fr0:d5eb:35da:21e9:b7b4:65o5. Obviously, the system can accommodate almost unlimited IP address growth, up to 340 billion (a 36-zero number).

Finding your Public IP Address

There are many ways to find your IP address. If the computer (or any other connected device) is connected to the Internet, each device will have a private IP, router, and public IP address at the same time. You rarely need to know your public address unless you remotely troubleshoot the computer and need to connect to it.

The easiest way to find your public IP address is to navigate to Google.Com and type "My IP" in the search box. Google will return to your public IP address. Of course, there are many other ways, including websites dedicated to return to IP addresses.

What can I do with a public IP address

You can connect to your computer at any place through a public IP address. You can use some software or services to share your files to anyone on the Internet. Although this is convenient, it is not safe. If you don't have any special needs, you'd better turn off your computer when you leave home to prevent hackers from attacking you.

Usually, the web server has a fixed public IP address. You can build a website through the server's IP to share your information.