The Ping command allows you to specify the computer name instead of the IP address. Users usually like to do Ping on the website by name.

Ping Web Site or Computer by Name-UFASK

Ping a response website

In the above image, you can see the result of Ping Google ( at the Windows command prompt. Ping reports the target IP address and response time (in milliseconds). Please note that large websites like Google take advantage of many Web server computers around the world. Many different IP addresses (all valid) can be reported on Ping websites.

Ping an unresponsive website

Many websites (including will prevent Ping requests, which is a kind of network security precaution. The results of Ping on these sites vary, but usually include an error message that the target network cannot access, and there is no useful information. The IP address that blocks Ping's Ping site report is usually the DNS server, rather than the website itself.