Ping an unresponsive IP address

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Not every Ping is successful, in some cases, the Ping request fails. There are many reasons for this, there are 4 reasons listed below.

Ping an unresponsive IP address

  • The IP address specified by the ping program is invalid.
  • Your computer is not connected to the IP network. It does not have its own IP address.
  • No network device is connected to the destination IP address. It means that the IP address of your Ping is not used by a network device.
  • The network between your computer and your target is congested, or Ping is banned by the target device.

The above illustration shows a typical Ping session when the program does not receive any response from the target IP address. When the program waits and eventually times out, each reply from the line takes several seconds to appear on the screen. The IP address quoted in each output line of the output is the address of the Ping (host) computer.

Intermittent Ping response

Although uncommon, Ping may report a response rate other than 0% (no response at all) or 100% (complete response). This usually occurs when the target system is closed (as shown in the example) or when it is started.