Can you calibrate the battery of iPhone? It seems strange. But you can, at least, calibrate telephone monitoring and report the percentage of remaining battery power. This is the case when iPhone begins to provide inaccurate percentages. Either it lasts for an hour and a half or longer to show a low percentage at the end, or it shows a steady battery charge and then suddenly shuts down. Discharge the battery completely and drain the battery until it turns off. You can open more applications to speed up power consumption, such as using flashlights or videos. Let the phone discharge and unplug the power plug to ensure that the battery is completely depleted. Although the phone is still powered off, it takes hours longer to charge it to "100%" capacity. Restart the phone and then perform soft reset (also known as thermal reset). Different iPhone models have different soft reset methods For models earlier than the iPhone 7 (e.g. the iPhone SE, 6S, 6, 5S, 5, 4S, 4), you must press the Sleep / Wake button and the Home Page button simultaneously for about 10 seconds. If your phone is the iPhones 7 or 7 Plus, you have to press the volume down button and the sleep / wake up button again for about 10 seconds. For the iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus, you have to press and release the volume up button, then press and release the volume down button, and finally hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

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Many people are using iPhone models earlier than the iPhone 7, and Tam may find their Home buttons sometimes unresponsive. If this happens to you, you can take the following measures to recalibrate it. Open any app (the example above uses the Clock app) Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the "slide to power off" screen appears Press and hold the Home button until the power off screen disappears. This takes approximately 5-10 seconds.

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There are many applications that can use iPhone's motion sensors, accelerometers and compass. So when any of them stops working properly, it will make life frustrating. Fortunately, these can be recalibrated regularly by opening your location service. If the location service is not ready, you will follow the following steps. Open Settings Scroll down and tap Privacy Tap Location Services Swipe the Location Services toggle switch into the green On position Scroll and down and tap System Services Swipe the Compass Calibration toggle switch into the green On position Swipe the Motion Calibration & Distance toggle switch into the green On position Users of older iOS versions may need to recalibrate the compass and motion sensors by opening the compass and playing a mini-game that requires you to roll a red ball around the circle. In addition, there is another way of calibrating these tools. For some applications, you can go to their "settings" and directly calibrate the related tools (as shown by the gyroscope in the figure below).

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Sometimes you may notice that your iPhone's automatic brightness sensor doesn't work properly, such as your phone can't respond to changes in lighting, and the screen on the iPhone is still bright in the dark. Here is how you recalibrate it. Click the setting button, go to Settings. Scroll down and tap Display & Brightness. Swipe Auto-Brightness into the white/blank Off position. Move to a dark/dimly lit room, and then manually turn the Brightness all the way down, so the screen is as dark as possible. Swipe Auto-Brightness into the green On position.

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500 internal server error is a very common HTTP status code. If this code appears, it means that there is a problem with your website and you need to solve it from the Web server. How can you see 500 Internal Server Error You may see 500 internal server error messages in a variety of ways, because each site is allowed to customize the message. Here are some common ways you may see HTTP 500 errors: 500 Internal Server Error HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error Temporary Error (500) Internal Server Error HTTP 500 Internal Error 500 Error HTTP Error 500 500. That's an error Because the site you visit generates 500 Internal Server errors, you can see them in any browser on any operating system, even on your smartphone. In most cases, 500 internal server errors are displayed in the Internet browser window, just like Web pages. Reasons for HTTP 500 error As we mentioned above, the internal server error message indicates that it is usually wrong. In most cases, "error" means that there is a problem with page or website programming, but the problem must exist, and we will investigate it below. Solve the 500 Internal Server Error As we mentioned above, the 500 internal server error is a server side error. This problem may not depend on your computer or Internet connection, but on the server of the website. It's unlikely, but you may have problems. In this case, we will see something you can try: Reload the web page. You can do this by clicking the refresh or reload button,…

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In basketball games, defending balls is very important. This article teaches you how to defend the ball. Once your team shoots, come back and defend Your team may have a specific transition defense, but overall, the first player should be in the basket to prevent easy layups. The second players should put pressure on the players who hold the ball, and the remaining 3 players should cover the offensive players. Communication is key during a transition! If you are covering the basket, ball or open player, please tell your teammates. Your role on the offensive side may be to go to the basket so that you can get a rebound after shooting. In this case, if you don't get a rebound and the other teams have the ball, then you'll just be sprinting defensively. Put pressure on the players immediately If you see no player around the ball, run to them immediately and pressurize. The greatest threat to defense is an attacker with an open pass or dribbling lane. The best way to stop this is to put pressure on him as soon as possible. Work in the team's game plan. If your coach assigns you to players, please insist on using them as much as possible. However, if players are not under any pressure, you need to attack them as soon as possible. Adjust the angle of the body to force them toward the sideline Slide the feet closest to the sideline to a few inches behind the other. The toe of your hind foot should be aligned with the…

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In basketball, it is important to practice good defensive stance. This article shows you how to practice defensive stance. Make your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart Move your feet forward and place them a little wider than your knees. This should be comfortable shoulder width apart. This stance can lower your center of gravity and give you a strong foundation. Put your weight on your paw and bend your knees Transfer your weight to your feet and lift your heel slightly off the ground. Bend your knees and lower your body to a strong squat position. A good rule of thumb is, if you think you are low enough, try to reduce it. Focus on keeping the weight of your feet, but not on your toes, which will make you lose balance. To test how low your posture is, please extend it down with one hand. You should be able to touch the ground with your fingers. You can still move easily; if you can't, please relax a little. Keeping your weight low and centered around your feet will help you stop quickly, accelerate faster, and respond better to the ball. Keep your back flat, but not straight Your back should be straight from the shoulders to the hips and slightly arched, but not completely straight. To help you understand your posture, hold your hands to the ground while you are chest lifting. Your upper body will lean a little forward, but keep your body in balance. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but it will feel…

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The IP address is a private IP address. It is not the default address of a router, and the default IP address of a router is usually or as an IP address of PC In a local area network, each network device is connected to each other through a router. The router assigns the IP address to the device in the network. If the router's IP address is, it can assign to a PC. The IP address is the only indication of this PC in LAN. If there is a web service deployed on this PC, you can access it through When it prompts you to enter the password, you need to get it from the owner of the PC. You can also access the shared files of this computer, but what you enter is different. You should type \\ When it prompts you to enter the password, you also need to get it from the owner of the PC. Because this is the username and password of PC. as an IP address of router No router's default address is this IP address. The two most commonly used default IP addresses for routers are and Of course, you can change the IP address of your router to, but you will not normally set this. If you have changed the default address of your router to this IP address. You can find the password in the list below. Linksys Default Password List NETGEAR Default Password List Cisco Default Password List D-Link Default Password List It is…

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The IP address is the management address of the HUAWEI router. There are also some other network devices that use it. It is a private IP address and may be assigned to the default IP address of several router models. You can assign the IP address to laptops, smart TVs, telephones, desktops, tablets, Chromecast, etc. It can also be used as the default IP address of routers. This is the default address that has been set up in the factory. How to log in the IP address Administrators can easily log in the routers with this IP address, just like any other URL. Open a web browser and choose the one you like. In your web browser, you can open the following address in the address bar: You will be prompted to enter your password. This process is the same as or settings. If you are the first to login to this address, you will be prompted to set a password, you need to remember this password. Every time you login, you need to use this password. Administrators can easily change the IP address of the router from other defaults or custom numbers to Some people may choose to make this change to make it easier to remember the address logged in to the router, but using on any other IP address has no special benefit. Here's a list of four branded routers with their default IP, default passwords, and default usernames. Linksys Default Password List NETGEAR Default Password List Cisco Default Password…

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