How to Make Folders and Group Apps on the iPhone

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Making folders on iPhone can make your home screen no longer messy. The combination of applications can make mobile phones more convenient. You can put all your music applications in one place, so you don't have to search folders or mobile phones to use them.

It is not difficult to create folders on iPhone. Once you learn this technique, you will find it very simple. Please follow these steps to create folders on iPhone.

Make Folders and Group Apps on the iPhone

  1. If you want to create folders, you need to put two applications into the folder at least. Find out which two you want to use.
  2. Click and hold down one of the applications until all the applications on the screen start to shake (this is the same as the process you used to rearrange the application).
  3. Drag one of the applications onto another. When the first application seems to merge into the second application, remove the fingers from the screen. This will create folders.
  4. The content you will see next will vary depending on the version of iOS you run. In iOS 7 and later, the folder and its suggested name occupy the entire screen. In iOS 4-6, you will see the name of two applications and folders in a small strip on the screen.
  5. You can edit the name of the folder by clicking the name.
  6. If you want to add more applications to the folder, click the wallpaper to minimize the folder. Then more applications are dragged into this folder.
  7. When you add all the required applications and edit the name, click the "HOME" button in the iPhone front center, and your changes will be saved (just like rearranging the icons).

What is the suggestion for naming a folder name

When iPhone first creates a folder, it assigns the recommended name to it. The name is chosen according to the type from which the application in the folder comes from. For example, if the application comes from the game category of App Store, the recommended name of this folder is Games. You can add your name by using the suggested name or using the instructions in step 5 above.

Make folders on iPhone 6S, 7,8, and X

Making folders on iPhone 6S and 7 series and iPhone 8 and iPhone X is a little tricky. That's because the 3D touchscreen on these devices has different responses to different buttons on the screen. If you have one of your mobile phones, please do not press it too fast in step 2 above, otherwise it will be invalid. Just a little click.

Delete an application from a folder

To delete an application from a folder on iPhone or iPod touch, follow these steps:

  1. Click and hold the folder that you want to delete from the application.
  2. When the application and folder start wobble, remove the fingers from the screen.
  3. Click the folder to delete the application from it.
  4. Drag the application out of the folder and enter the main screen.
  5. Click the home page button to save the new arrangement.

Delete folders on iPhone

The deletion of the folder is very simple. It is similar to the deletion of the application.

  1. You can drag all applications out of the folder and enter the main screen.
  2. When this operation is executed, the folder will disappear.
  3. Press Home to save the changes, and you successfully delete it.