Is Japan's massive ghost ship really related to aliens?

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It is reported that there are dozens of "ghost ships" in the coastal areas of Japan every year. These boats usually do not have anyone, or just carry corpses or even bones. The number of "ghost boats" drifting to Japan's coast this year has reached 95, up to 33 in November alone, and some of them carry dead bodies that have become white bones.

ghost ship

What's wrong with a large number of ghost ships in Japan?

As many as 95 dilapidated vessels have drifted to Japan's coast this year, at this rate it is highly likely to exceed the record 104 in 2017. At present, 12 bodies have been found on these "ghost ships".

Details of Japan's massive ghost ships

According to the statistics of Japan's Maritime Security Agency, 33 ships have been found in November alone, much more than in October, which is also related to the strong sea storms in autumn and winter. Most of them were wooden fishing boats. In addition to corpses, some boats also left small pots, spoons, fishing gear and other items.

Since autumn, these "ghost boats" have mostly appeared near Hokkaido, and the authorities have also strengthened their vigilance.

In recent years, there have been successive "ghost boat" landings in Japan. The number of "ghost boat" incidents reached 104 in 2017, which is the largest year since the statistics began in 2013. The previous record was in 2013, when 80 related vessels were discovered.

Let's see what a ghost ship looks like.

Phantom boats are inexplicable ghostly vessels. They are usually missing or sunk ships, but they reappear somehow. Some ghost ships are unmanned empty vessels which have no reasonable explanation for the missing crew. Ordinary people are familiar with flying saucers or UFOs even though they have never seen UFOs. They are quite unfamiliar with another mysterious object, USO.

The ghost ship, also known as USO, is the abbreviation of "unknown underwater object", or USO. In 1902, a sailor on a British cargo ship sailing in Guinea off the west coast of Africa first saw USO.

Since then, USO reports have been heard from time to time, and it is said that in 1973, NATO's exercises in Lancosnach Bay, Norway, were disrupted. The USO is characterized by its rapid action, sinking depth far beyond all known submarines, and failure of radio, radar, sonar and other electronic equipment.

As for the nature of USO, some people think that it is an alien vehicle, or even that there is an alien base somewhere deep in the ocean. Others believe that USO is the illusion of atmospheric refraction, just like a mirage.