How to Wear Toms 2022


Toms shoes are comfortable shoes made of canvas that are super popular in fashion and the media. You've probably seen your friends, family, or even celebrities wearing these classic-looking shoes. If you want to create your own outfits with a pair of Toms shoes but you aren't sure how, try dressing them up or down and creating looks that you feel comfortable and confident in.


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1Wear Toms with dark wash jeans and a t-shirt for a classic look. If you have a pair of brightly colored Toms or you want to look nice with minimal effort, style your Toms with a pair of dark wash jeans and a plain t-shirt. Your Toms will be on display while integrating well with the rest of your outfit.

Match your t-shirt and the color of your Toms to make your outfit match.

2Cuff your pant legs to show off your Toms. No matter what type of pants you are wearing, cuff your pant legs above your Toms to show them off. Roll up your pants 1 to 3 times until they are not touching your shoes. Your pants should stay in place on their own.

Tip: If it's warm out, cuff your pants up to capri length to show off your legs.

3Dress up your Toms with a skirt or dress. This works best with sparkly or shiny Toms. Wear a midi dress or skirt to accentuate your legs, and wear a nice pair of Toms to stay comfortable while looking formal.

Toms do not look great with tights, so try to wear them when it's warm enough that you don't need to cover up your legs.

4Pair your Toms with shorts for a casual summer look. Toms are great shoes to wear with shorts because they don't make your feet look big or clunky. Wear dark wash jean shorts and a solid colored tank top with bright or patterned Toms. Or, wear a patterned tank top or t-shirt with solid colored Toms.

If you wear your Toms in the sun, look out for the tan lines they will give you on the tops of your feet!

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1Cuff your pants above your ankles to draw attention to your Toms. If you are going for a beachy look but it's not quite warm enough to wear shorts, cuff your pants or jeans above your ankles to attract attention to your shoes. Try to make your cuff small so that it doesn't overtake this look.

If you are going for a sleek look, make sure that your cuff is the same length all the way around.

2Wear slim-fitting shorts that stop above your knee for a beachy look. Since Toms are form fitting to your foot, your shorts should mirror that style. Make sure your shorts fit you well and aren't too baggy. Buy shorts that stop just above your knee to complete this look.

Tip: If your shorts are too long, roll them up once or twice to make them shorter.

3Pair them with slacks for a business casual look. An outfit with Toms is probably too casual for the actual office, but if you want to achieve a business casual look in your daily life, wear a pair of dark, solid-colored Toms with a light pair of khaki pants. Or, wear a light pair of Toms with a dark pair of khaki pants.

You can dress this look down with a simple t-shirt, or throw on a button-down to make it a little bit more classy.

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1Wear no-show socks with your Toms for extra warmth. Toms are made of canvas so they aren't very warm. If it's cold outside, wear no-show socks with your Toms. These are socks that fit over the heel and toes of your foot, but don't go up to your ankle or cover the top of your foot. It will look like you aren't wearing any socks at all.

You can find no-show socks online or at most local retail stores.

2Don't wear any socks if it's warm out. If the weather is nice out or if your Toms are a crochet pattern with breathable holes, wear no socks at all. They will slip on and off more easily this way.

Make sure to air out your Toms after wearing them without socks so that they don't start to smell.

3Keep your Toms dry by wearing them when the weather is nice. Toms are made of canvas, which means they are super comfortable. Unfortunately, this also means they are not waterproof. If you wear your Toms in the rain or snow, your feet will get wet. Try to wear your Toms when the weather is good in your area.

Tip: If your Toms do get wet, put them near a heater in your home to dry them out before you wear them again.

4Use Toms as comfortable traveling shoes. When you are traveling, you just want to be comfortable. Wearing Toms can sometimes feel like wearing no shoes at all. If you are going to be traveling by plane or car for a long period of time, pair your Toms with your comfortable traveling outfit.

Toms don't make great walking shoes since they don't have much arch support. If you will be traveling on foot, bring another pair of shoes to change into.