How to Wear a Saree in Lehenga Style 2021


A lehenga style saree is popular choice for weddings, parties, and religious ceremonies. It offers wearers the flexibility of a modern fashion garment while also maintaining the importance of traditional cultural values. While there are many different techniques to wear your saree in lehenga style, it's very easy learn the basics so you can start finding a look that you love.


Method 1 of 3:Styling for Simple Use

1Start with the right side of your saree and drape it around your waist. Drape as neatly as possible to help the saree stay taut throughout the styling process. Don't worry if you feel like there is too much fabric.It is will be used for pleating.

2Wrap it once around your waist from right to left. Keep the wrap slightly loose during this phase so you have some slack in the fabric to work with. Stop once you reach your right side again. Tuck the fabric neatly in the waistline of your lehenga and pull to tighten as needed.

3Begin pleating. Pleat and tuck the fabric moving left to right. Make small, even pleats as you go. Hold the fabric straight as you pleat to keep the proportions even.

This step can sometimes work best if you enlist the help of a friend or family member. If you find you keep having trouble pleating, ask someone to assist during this step.

4Create shoulder pleats. Start at the top right of the bodice and pull out the waist section. Begin to make small shoulder pleats working right to left.

Keep an eye on your pleats and make sure they aren't too large. 4-inches (10 cm) is a good length to aim for.

5Drape the saree over your left shoulder. Slowly pull the fabric as you drape to keep it orderly. Once the end is at your shoulder, use a safety pin to securely fasten in place. A second safety pin can be added slightly below the first one for backup and extra support.

Method 2 of 3:Styling to Create a Flattering Shape

1Hold your lehenga saree at one end and pleat. Make the pleats run the full length of the fabric. Hold one end of the fabric slightly over your head so you have plenty of material to work with.

2Pin to your right shoulder at half-length. Measure 4-7 inches (10-13 cm) over from the first pin and add a second.

If you are concerned about safety pins being seen, you can pin from underneath the saree to minimize the pin being exposed. .

3Move the flowing end of the fabric over your left shoulder. It should run behind your back and then up over your shoulder. Allow the loose end to rest over your shoulder. Slowly pull the fabric when its in place to straighten it out.

4Pin the flowing end. Bring the remaining fabric to your lower back and pin in place. Smaller pins are recommended to help keep them from being noticed. The design of the fabric should be fully displayed in the front.

A full body mirror is usually all you need to for pinning, but you may need a friend or family member to help. help.

Method 3 of 3:Styling for a Formal Occasion

1Hold the saree with both hands and pleat. The pleats should be even in size and consistent throughout the full length of the fabric. If you notice some of your pleats become wider than others, it's best to start again so the saree looks as neat as possible.

2Pin one end of the saree to your left shoulder. Fasten the pin slightly over your shoulder to minimize its visibility. The other end should feely hang in front of your body.

If the saree is hanging too long in the front, you can adjust the length by repinning the pleated end further back on your shoulder.

3Wrap the loose end of the saree and drape right to left. Keep the area around the bodice firm and pull to the left. Don't worry about a perfect drape at this point; you will have a chance to tidy it up later.

4Pleat the loose fabric. The remaining pleats should be 5-6 inches (13-15 cm). Continue pleating until you reach the waistline. Add a safety pin to the pleats.

Experience with different pleat sizes to achieve your desired look.

5Roll the pinned end of the saree a few times to adjust the length. Tuck it securely into the waistline of your lehenga. Add an additional safety pin to the tucked fabric if needed.

The rolled end should tuck evenly in your waistline without bunching up.