How to Watch a Movie Your Parents Don’t Want You to See 2022


So you've been reading about this movie that came out several years ago that sounds really intriguing. The problem? It's rated R, you're 11-16, and your parents are super strict about what you see in movies. You know that you're mature enough to handle it, but know that your parents would never approve. Don't worry: it's easy to watch it without your parents knowing.


Method 1 of 6:Getting It on iTunes

1Open up an iTunes account (if you don't already have one) with your own email address. (iTunes sends an email to whatever email address you sign up with whenever you download something, so if you sign up using your parent's, they will know if you buy/rent a movie they don't want you watching.) If your parents don't let you buy stuff using their credit card(s), you can use your own money to buy an iTunes gift card and sign up with that.

2Find the movie that you want to see on iTunes and either buy or rent it. Buying a movie costs $9.99, renting a movie costs $2.99. Renting is probably a safer option if your parents check your computer because it costs less and automatically deletes itself 24 hours after you watch it.

3Enjoy your movie!

Method 2 of 6:Watching It on YouTube

1Go to YouTube.

2Type in (insert movie you want to see) part 1.

3If YouTube has it, watch it.

Method 3 of 6:Getting It at the Library

1If there is a library that has DVDs/Blu-rays near you, bike, walk, or drive (if you're old enough to have your license) to it.

2See if it has the movie you want to see.

3If it does, check it out, hide it, watch it when your parents aren't home, and return it.

Method 4 of 6:Ask a Friend

1If you have a friend who has an extensive DVD collection, ask him/her if they have the movie you want to see.

2If yes, ask to borrow it.

3Have them bring the DVD/Blu-ray with them the next time they come over or have them give it to you at school.

4Watch it when your parents aren't home and return it to your friend.

Method 5 of 6:P2P

1Go to a popular P2P site and see if someone has uploaded the movie you want to see.

2If they do, watch it.

3Please note that this method is very risky, as your computer could contract a virus, as well as it being illegal.

Method 6 of 6:Watching It on TV

1Look up your movie in a TV guide to see if it's playing any time soon. There are many channels that play uncensored movies all day (i.e. HBO, Starz, Encore), as well as channels that occasionally play uncensored movies at night (such as TCM).

2Make sure your parents aren't around and watch it.