How to Usher 2022


Ushering is an important skill to have that can be used for many events today. Concerts, churches, and shows all have ushers. This article will cover the bare bones of ushering.


1Be there as soon as the doors open. Once they open, there may be a crowd of people all swarming to get in the doors. Be ready for them.

2Be prepared with items for handing out. As soon as you see people coming, put that number of bulletins in your hand. They will then hand them out among themselves.

3Make it easy to distribute the materials you have on hand. When there is a large group of people coming, pull out the corners of the programs/bulletins so you can whip them out to them.

4Always be available to greet and show visitors in. If there is no one coming, it is okay to go to a nearby water fountain, but be sure to check with the producer on this one.

5Share the tasks. If you are ushering with someone else at your side, some friends or relatives may come. They will probably want to give them the programs themselves. Graciously stand back and smile at the people.

6Be professionally cheerful. Be sure to greet each person with a smile and a welcoming comment such as,"We're going to have the best concert tonight".

7Make contact even without materials to hand out. If you're simply greeting people with no programs, then simply shake their hand firmly.

8Ensure you arrive early to prepare for the service.