There are many applications in the Google Play store, and most Chromebooks can run them. This makes Chromebook more convenient to use. One of the most popular applications is Skype, which you can use to communicate with your friends online.

How to Use Skype for Chromebook-UFASK

But some older Chromebooks don't use Skype. If this happens to you, you can use Skype in your browser. It doesn't have as much functionality as a Skype application, but normal calls are okay.

How to check whether Chromebook model supports Google Play apps

  1. Click on the user's photo in the lower right corner of your screen.
  2. A window pops up and clicks the gear icon, which is the Settings button.
  3. Now you should see the setting interface of Chrome OS. Scroll down and find the section marked as Google Play Storage. If you can't find this section, it probably means that your Chromebook model doesn't support Google's playback storage applications.
  4. If you find this section and it is not enabled, click the "TURN ON" button, and then agree to Google Play the Terms of Service, then it is activated.

Use the Skype application in your Chromebook

If your Chromebook supports Google Play Storage applications, you can install Skype. You can use all the functions of Skype.

How to Use Skype for Chromebook-UFASK
  1. Open Chrome and browse the Skype page of the Google Game Store.
  2. Click the Install button.
  3. Now you'll see a progress bar that will automatically install Skype.
  4. The installation was done quickly, then select the OPEN button.
  5. Skype will now start and prompt you to log in or register an account.

Use a Web-based Skype version on your Chromebook

If your Chromebook model is a bit old and you can't use Google Play applications, Skype's web-based version is definitely a good choice. You can use Skype to chat with your friends from here.

How to Use Skype for Chromebook-UFASK
  1. Open your Chrome browser and visit
  2. You will now be asked to log into Skype or sign up for a free account.
  3. When you log in, you'll find that the Skype interface is different from the APP interface. However, you can still start phone calls, video or text chats, and see stored contacts. You can contact your family, friends or colleagues.