How to Understand What a Girl Thinks 2021


Understanding how anyone else thinks is a very difficult task. This article may help you to understand what some girls think. This article doesn't cover what girls think about all the time but does provide information you may find useful for knowing what some if not all girls are thinking as you interact with them. Girls covers females or those who identify themselves as girls aged between 6 and 16. Guys, hope you find this useful!


1If she's an artist, ask to see her art. She may or may not show you due to shyness or fear of being critiqued. If she's good at math, ask her how she gets it so well. Don't be too obvious if you don't know whether she likes you or not. It could result in sounding clichéd.

2Make the first move so you can understand what a girl thinks. If a girl likes you and doesn't know if you like her back, she is unlikely to do anything about it. It will give them more confidence, and they will be more open.

3Don't be intimidated. She's probably intimidated too, so just break the ice and start to have a fun conversation as a kick off. However, cockiness and extreme boldness are unsavory.

4Wear nice clothes. if you do not dress likely, you cannot begin to know what a girl thinks, apparently. Take a look at your style, you shouldn't change your style for anyone else. Just remember that clothes make the person, and girls love guys with their own styles.

5Don't be discouraged. If one girl doesn't think the way you thought she did, then move on! There are more fish in the sea!

6Don't talk about your ex-girlfriends, problems at home (unless she asks), and don't make crude or sexual jokes/comments unless she likes that kind of humor (major turn off).

7Treat a girl with manners and respect to find out what she think. Most girls love to find a guy who is sensitive enough to do those small little things. (Pull out her chair, let her go in front of you in lines, offer her your chair if there are none left. Try not to call her ma'am, though. Ma'am is for older women). That's common sense. This also means avoiding making comments that would be sexist, or doing/saying something that treats women as objects.

8Respect the girl's parents. Most important, respect the girl's parents as if they were you own, and even better! They make the final decision. If you both like something that the parents respect, good. If you both have a rebellious trait in common, that creates a bad image for parents. Just don't mention it. Be a charmer, irresistible. You worked for the girl, her parents should be easy.

9At all times, show that you think about her. Girls love attention.