How to Thumb Wrestle 2021


Thumb wrestling is a very simple game that can amuse children stranded without toys or at a loss for something to do. This is a two-player game.


1Prepare the wrestling position. Both players should place their thumbs in mid-air, facing one another. With the right hand fingertips, grab your opponent's right hand fingertips and clasp tight together.

2Have the thumbs bow. Start each game politely, showing respect for your opponent by bowing thumbs to one another. Yes, it's silly but it reflects the amusing nature of this mini-wrestle.

The bows traditionally follow the cadence of the verse"One, two, three, four / I declare a thumb war!"and occasionally"Five, six, seven, eight / Try to keep your thumb straight!"

3Begin the wrestle. Try to catch one another's thumbs. It sounds easier than it is. Once the wriggling and giggling commences, this game is anyone's!

It helps if you lie your thumb down and then go around you opponents thumb when they swoop down to press down

Use your thumb to your advantage

4Pin down the thumb. The only way to win in this game is to pin down the opponent's thumb for a set count. A count of 5, at the same pace as counting seconds, is ideal. Any less is usually too easy. Another option is to follow the cadence of the verse"One, two, three, four / I win the thumb war!"