How to Style Your Hair Like the 11th Doctor 2021


If you have a fondness for fezzes and think bow ties are cool, you may be only a hairstyle away from embodying the Eleventh Doctor in real life. Hair that's been washed and blow dried correctly will add volume to this style so you end up looking just like Matt Smith. After that, all you need is some product to shape the hairdo and hold it in place, and people will soon be mistaking you for the Eleventh Doctor.


Part 1 of 3:Washing and DryingDownload Article

1Grow out your hair if necessary. Your normal bangs, without having been styled and without any product applied, should reach to about the end of your nose. With longer hair, you'll usually be able to get fuller volume, which will make this style look more dramatic.

2Wash your hair. Oil or dirt in your hair will make the product you'll need to apply later less effective. Take a quick shower and lather up your hair with shampoo. Rinse your hair thoroughly, and then you'll be ready to dry your hair in a way that will bring out its volume.

3Towel dry your hair. Run a towel through your hair to soak up as much water as you can. You don't need to be too thorough, you're going to be blow drying it next. But the more water you towel dry from your hair, the less time you'll have to spend blow drying.

You can skip towel drying entirely and go straight to blow drying, but ideally, your hair will only be slightly damp when you begin blow drying.

4Blow dry your hair from the right side of your head. Switch your blow dryer to a low temperature setting then turn it on. As you blow dry your hair from the right side, use your clean fingers to comb your hair towards the back-left corner of your head.

After finger combing your hair, use a round brush. Pull it back through your hair towards the left corner of your head, twisting it towards your scalp as you do.

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1Use your fingers to part your hair down on the left side. Now that your hair is dry, part it on the left side of your head with your fingers. The part should travel from the upper left corner of your bangs to the back-left corner of your head.

Finger comb hair to either side of the part. The left side will face slightly down and toward the back of the head. The right side will sweep forward and to the right in an arc/swoop.

2Straighten your hair if necessary. If your hair is straight, you'll be able to skip this step. Even slightly wavy hair, though, will be noticeable with this style. Set your straightener to “low,” clamp it on hair in sections, and draw the straightener back and away from your scalp.

When you've finished, finger comb your hair back to its starting position to make areas you missed straightening more visible.

3Apply wax to your hair. Scoop just enough wax out of the container to cover the tip of your finger. Rub it between your hands thoroughly, and when it's evenly distributed, finger comb it into your hair. Draw your fingers through the roots of the hair outward so the wax is even from root to tip.

As you apply the wax to your hair, follow the part. Hair to the left of the part should be styled down and back, hair to the right swept forward and to the right.

Part 3 of 3:Finishing the StyleDownload Article

1Add volume and shape to your hair with molding cream. Your hair should look pretty close to the Eleventh Doctor's at this point. For added shape and stability, rub a small amount of molding cream between your clean hands. Finger comb it into your hair from the roots to the tips of your hair.

While applying the cream with your fingers, continue to follow the part. Make adjustments to the size, shape, and contour of your hair to suit your tastes.

2Use hairspray to maintain the style throughout the day. Without hairspray, even with other premium, heavy-duty products, your hair will likely start to fall flat before the day is through. Arrange your hair as best as possible with your fingers, then give your hair several spritzes of spray from all directions.

Take care not to get hairspray in your eyes, as it is usually harmful. Shield your eyes with a free hand, wash your hands after spraying, and rinse your eyes when necessary.

3Make final adjustments before the spray dries. You'll have a small window of opportunity to make final adjustments before the hairspray dries. After a few minutes, it should harden, so you'll have to move quick to make any necessary corrections.