How to Style a Long Sweater Dress 2021


Long sweater dresses are the perfect pieces to bundle up in while still looking stylish. By changing up your accessories, outerwear, and footwear, you can put together tons of different looks for every season! Try mixing and matching pieces from your closet to look and feel your best every time you walk out the door.


Method 1 of 7:Define your waist with a belt.

16178COMING SOON1Show off your figure with a statement accessory. Wrap a belt around your waist and buckle it at the front to accentuate your waistline while adding a pop of color. Use a black or brown belt for any color dress, or spice it up with a bold color or sparkly belt.

Match the color of your belt with your shoes and handbag for an overall cohesive look.

Method 2 of 7:Add leggings underneath your dress.

41426COMING SOON1Keep your legs warm while looking stylish. Pull on a pair of black leggings underneath your long sweater dress for a sporty look. Pair your outfit with sneakers to keep it casual or boots for a night out on the town.

If leggings aren't your thing, try wearing a pair of skinny jeans under your dress instead.

Method 3 of 7:Bundle up in a cozy cardigan.

19207COMING SOON1Floor-length cardigans pair perfectly with long sweater dresses. Throw on a cardigan that's at least as long as your sweater dress for the ultimate comfy outfit. Add a fluffy scarf to stay warm on a chilly winter's day.

You can match the color of your dress and your cardigan for a more blended outfit, or you can add pops of color with a bright cardigan on top.

Method 4 of 7:Head out in a fitted jacket.

48492COMING SOON1Mix up your silhouette with a fitted piece on top. Try a leather jacket, a bomber jacket, a blazer, or a denim jacket. Try to pick one that stops at your waist to define your figure and emphasize your curves.

Wearing a black jacket over a black dress is a super easy way to put together an outfit that looks chic and sophisticated.

Method 5 of 7:Keep it simple with a pair of boots.

42431COMING SOON1Long sweater dresses don't need much to look fabulous. If you're heading out on the town, throw on a pair of booties to look chic or lace-up boots for an edgier outfit. You can match the color of your boots to your dress for a cohesive look or add a pop of color with your footwear.

Neutral footwear, like cream, white, black, and brown, always goes well with any color.

Method 6 of 7:Look sporty in a pair of sneakers.

25263COMING SOON1Make your outfit more casual with some flat footwear. Try running shoes or high top sneakers for a fun, sporty look that you can walk around in. Pair your look with a baseball cap and some shades to look extra cool.

Add a pop of print to your look by wearing animal print sneakers.

Method 7 of 7:Accessorize with statement pieces.

44458COMING SOON1Jazz up your long sweater dress with chunky necklaces and earrings. Since sweater dresses are usually all one color, you can go a little wild with bold accessories. Try long necklaces, dangly earrings, sparkly rings, and wide-brimmed hats to complete your outfits.

Accessories with studs, like handbags, bracelets, and earrings, can make your outfit a little edgier.