How to Store Christmas Wreaths 2021


While live Christmas wreaths only last for a single season, fake wreaths can be stored and used for future holiday celebrations. Unlike ornaments and other decorations, wreaths are easy to put away for the season, and just as easy to take out again. If you're only storing a few wreaths, some large boxes or containers may fit the bill for your storage needs. If you have a lot of wreaths on hand, you may want to use some hangers or storage racks to organize your decorations.


Method 1 of 2:Stacking in Large ContainersDownload Article

1Place your wreaths in bubble wrap or a trash bag. Find a clean trash bag or an empty section of unpopped bubble wrap that's big enough to fit around your wreath. Check that the wreath is completely surrounded in plastic so it'll be a little cushioned while it's in storage.

You can find bubble wrap at most stores that sell postal supplies.

2Arrange your wreath in the bottom of a hat box or large container. Check that the wreath is centered, and that it fits comfortably. If you have a lot of different wreaths, you may need differently sized hat boxes for your storage needs. Large plastic containers can also work in a pinch.

You can buy hat boxes online, or at a home goods store. These boxes are especially handy since they're naturally circular.

3Stack multiple wreaths on top of one another if there's enough room. Depending on the size of your wreath and your hat box, you may be able to fit several thin wreaths on top of one another. Play around with your different wreaths and boxes until you find a storage solution that works well for you!

If your wreaths are really bushy, you probably won't be able to stack them in boxes.

4Label the lid of the box so you remember what's inside. Take an office label or section of masking tape and write “Christmas Wreaths” on it, or something similar. Place this label on the box so you know exactly what it is.

This makes it easier to find your decorations when the holidays roll around again.

Method 2 of 2:Using Hanging StorageDownload Article

1Attach a looped section of twist tie around your wreath. Find an old twist tie or section of thin wire and loop it into a circle. Secure the loop around the top of your wreath so it's easier to attach to a hanger.

If the twist tie isn't long enough to make a loop, twist or tape multiple ties together.

You can purchase thin wire or twist ties online.

Don't close the loop yet, as you still need to attach the wreath to the actual hanger.

If you're having trouble bending the wire, use a pair of pliers.

2Arrange the looped wreath onto the bottom of a clothes hanger. Loop the wire along the straight, bottom section of the hanger, then twist both ends of the loop together to secure it. Check that the wreath is securely attached to the hanger before you move it around.

Use a sturdy hanger for this. Plastic hangers may not be strong enough to support your wreath.

You can repeat this process for however many wreaths you have.

3Drape a trash bag or dry cleaner bag over the wreath and hanger. Place a large garment bag or trash bag over your wreath, then poke the top of the hanger out from the top. This helps keep your wreaths clean and dry during the off-season.

4Hook the hanger in a cool, dry storage area. Find an open storage space where there's room to hang up your wreaths, like an empty closet or a section of your basement. Check that the area is cool and dry so your wreaths stay in good condition during the year.

A basement or empty closet is a great place to store your wreaths.

You can also hook the hanger on a portable storage rack. You can find these at most home improvement stores.

Tip: If you don't have any leftover closet space, you can always make your own! Arrange a closet rod or dowel along an open section of wall, which will give you more wreath storage space.