How to Stay on Top of Yourself 2022


Some of us need help and guidance to get back on track with life, and this is how you can start. We all lose our way sometimes, this article is something useful that will help all of us get back and stay on track. Staying on top of your ball game allows you to feel at ease and is good for your physical, mental, and emotional health. This article will see everyone happy and [progressing rather than taking ten steps backwards. Everyone deserves to be stable.


1Don't procrastinate or put things on hold. Once you start delaying things is when your life starts getting backed up. You'll then have way too much to do all at once and it may not all be finished on time either. Then you'll just start to stress yourself out because then you'll start to feel like you're slowing down while life is only moving forward, leaving you for dust. Everything will just start to overwhelm you to a point to where you almost can't even take it anymore.

2Begin early by breaking tasks into small pieces. If you need to read a 400-page book for class, it can feel overwhelming, and you may want to stop. Force yourself to start. Promise yourself that you'll read one chapter every day. When the task becomes less monumental, it is easier to begin.

3Give yourself a schedule. Procrastination is easier when you have a large chunk of time and aren't sure how to spend it. Break your time into pieces, so you are never overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do. If you successfully follow the schedule, give yourself a reward—a favorite activity, calling a loved one, a special meal, or whatever motivates you.

4Do not overwhelm yourself. It's nice to be well rounded and to do some extra curricular activities or socialize after work but only do what you know you can handle. Do not pack work on top of work onto yourself, just because it"looks nice". Sure, with success comes hard work but it is never okay when you're hurting yourself. Find a balance.

Give yourself time to work on hobbies, be with friends, or do therapeutic activities.

Remember that performance should never come at the expense of physical or emotional health. Perfection is not a realistic goal.

5Make goals for yourself. It is always good to keep making goals for yourselves because it gives yourself something new to work towards and keeps yourself going in life. With new goals comes new decisions and actions being taken which will be a stepping stone to the next step in life. Just make sure you think wisely before you decide on doing anything and know that it is what's best for yourself. Sometimes our goals change, and that's okay. We all change. Everyday matter of fact. You just have to adjust and adapt.

6Get outdoors every day. Sunlight and exercise are known to boost mood. Sometimes, when you feel overwhelmed, your body needs a quick break. Taking a five- or ten-minute walk will refresh you, improving your mood and ability to focus.

7Know what you stand for. You should always keep your morals and beliefs close to you. Even if some people disagree or think you're weird for them, stand by them! They're what YOU believe in, don't let anyone make you feel bad for any of it. That's one way to go wrong. Let your morals and beliefs be known. If you feel like something around you is morally wrong, say something. Don't be ashamed. Your morals and beliefs are a part of you, it's like being ashamed of yourself. That's never good.

8Accept your identity—don't fight it. There are some things we cannot change about ourselves: race, past, sexual orientation, disability, et cetera. Don't feel the need to assimilate or hide who you are. Your identity is fundamentally okay.

9Believe in yourself. The last, yet most important part, believing in yourself. As long as you believe in yourself that will be your drive to keep going regardless of the standards. You'll know you have the power to keep going without the need of encouragement from others. Believing in yourself is one of the most powerful things you could do for yourself. It brings on determination, optimism, and other characteristics that will only help lead you to success. So be your own cheerleader in life when you need it. Learn how to work hard; without the need of an applause.