How to Sneak a Camera Into a Concert 2022


With tabloids, gossip, and copyright infringement running rampant, a lock-down on what is allowed inside concert halls has been enforced. While it is perfectly legal to take pictures of a person sell them as tabloid trash or artwork, most bands would prefer to make you pay for those opportunities. Therefore many places have legally restricted your available photo-taking opportunities. Here's how to get around it.


1Examine your camera. Is it your average point-and-shoot pocket camera? If so, there's a chance it will be allowed inside. Check before taking measures to sneak it in.

2Check its size. Most cameras now are going for a thin feel and look, and this works to your advantage. Fatter cameras are generally not as tall; use the dimensions to help you feel out places it can go.

3Find a place to put your camera. It can be in a pocket, purse, concealed in clothing or strapped to your body. Here are a few methods.

Wear a large, baggy sweatshirt with nothing underneath (this is particularly effective if you are female).Use your camera's strap or strap from somewhere else to sling it over your shoulder. Secure it so it hangs right in the pit of your back where it curves in before your buttocks. Put your sweatshirt on over it. If the guards ask you to remove your sweatshirt, lift the front up a bit to show them that you can't, as you have nothing on underneath.

Take your purse (or the purse of a female accompanying you, if you are male). Either cut out the lining on the bottom, or find material like it and cut a piece that fits. Lift it and place your camera in the bottom. Fill the remaining space with soft material, both to protect your camera and solidify the bottom again. Replace the lining. Throw some tampons on top. Most bouncers will not dig around very thoroughly.

Wear a somewhat baggy long sleeve shirt. If your camera is small enough, strap it with some tape or a strap to your underarm. Be warned, if you are going to an establishment with a gun threat, you are likely to be frisked and this is easily found through touch.

Crotch it. Similar to the underarm technique, wear baggy pants and strap it to your inner thigh, very close to your private area. There's a very good chance you won't be searched thoroughly here. If you are a female, wear a mid-length fluffy skirt. Not only will you not be touched there, a skirt looks open enough to allay suspicion, though it conceals very well. You can also unbutton your pants, hang your camera from your button, and then re-button your pants. Then simply slip the camera down into your pants and let it hang. It may be uncomfortable,but holds your camera securely and you don't have to worry about it being found, even if you're frisked.

If you have a small and thin wallet, empty most of your wallet and tape it to the inside of the wallet. Keep your wallet in a large pocket and if frisked, when they ask what's in your pocket, immediately say its just your wallet. If you do this you should get in fine.

If you're using a professional grade camera with a lens, this may work for you. You'll need a friend. Take your camera, a separate body you won't be shooting with, and two lenses. Have your friend conceal one lens well and one lens very conspicuously, so that it will be found with a simple search. Do the same with your two camera bodies. Have your friend go first. When the lens is found, have them give it up obligingly and apologize to you, where you will step up, possibly curse or look abashed, and hand over your dummy camera body. These will be tagged for pickup after the show, and it is unlikely they will search you for a second camera. The same can be done with small pocket cameras. Conceal your real one well, and then use a disposable or cheap other camera as your dummy.

Ladies: Fluff and tease your hair up to a nice volume. Get a poofy sort of hat, like the ones Britney Spears is fond of. Pull some of your hair into a poof on top of your head, and conceal your camera inside. Top it off with your big hat and you're good to go. This is also easily reversed once inside, so you don't have to walk around with bad hair. Security may ask you to remove your hat though, counteracting this technique.

Use your gloves. Get one pair of gloves, and a third of the same or a similar type. Place your camera inside one glove, and wear the other two. When in line, place your camera glove someplace inconspicuous but where you might set your gloves normally. When in plain sight of a bouncer, or right before being searched, obviously take your gloves off and place them on top of the third, then pick them up in one hand or set them on the table with your jacket and umbrella, or something of the sort. Then when you have been searched, pick up your gloves, tip your hat, and enjoy the show.

4If your camera is strong and thin enough, put your camera in your shoe. I doubt that the guard would ask you to take off your shoes. When in there, go into the bathroom and take the camera out of your shoe; put the camera in one of your pockets or any other easily-accessible area and enjoy the show.

5Wear an old jacket and carve a little seam in it(make sure it's on the inside of the coat so nobody sees it), the size of a camera will do it and tape it up or sew it up. Go through the whole process with the guard and get in. During the concert, play, show, etc. rip open the seam and take out the camera.

6Once inside, if you get caught, do not make a fuss or a scene, your camera, film, memory card, and tickets may all be subject to confiscation. Be apologetic and act ignorant.

7Take a cinch bag and a hoodie, wrap you camera into your hoodie and put the hoodie in you bag. if the guard asks to see your bag give it to them most guards don't check in the hoodie. Put in some cash, a phone, etc. to make it look inconspicuous.