How to Replace Scooter Wheels 2022


If you've been having a ton of fun on your scooter this summer, you may have noticed that your wheels are getting worn down or misshapen. Wheels that aren't perfectly circular anymore don't give you as smooth of a ride, so it might be time to replace them. Grab 2 allen wrenches and pop your old wheels out to replace your scooter wheels and be back out on the road in no time.


Part 1 of 2:Removing the Old Wheels

1Flip your scooter over so the wheels face upwards. Set your scooter on a flat surface. Turn it upside down and balance it on the back wheel and the handlebars so that the wheels face you. This will make it much easier to work on your scooter.

You can also have a friend hold up your scooter for you or attach it to a scooter stand.

2Loosen the screws of the old wheel with 2 allen wrenches. Hold an allen wrench in each hand and insert them into each screw head on either side of 1 wheel. Hold 1 allen wrench steady as you turn the other one counter-clockwise to fully remove the screws.

You can find allen wrenches at most hardware stores.

3Pull out the axle and screw from the wheel. The axle is the long screw-like piece in the middle of the wheel. Take the axle and the screw out of the wheel and set them aside to use later.

Make sure you put this hardware somewhere it won't get lost, because you will need it later on.

4Slide out your old wheel from the scooter base. Gently grab the old wheel and pull it towards you to take it off of the scooter. Set the old wheel aside to deal with it later.

If your old wheels are noticeably damaged or broken, don't try to use them on another scooter.

You can throw the wheel away in the trash or keep it as a souvenir to look back on how much you roughed up your first wheels.

5Take the bearings out of the old wheel if your new one doesn't have them. The bearings are the hollow circles of metal on the inside of the wheel. If your new wheel has them, you don't need to use the ones from your old wheel. If your new wheel doesn't have them, gently tap them out with your allen wrench.

Tip: Most new scooter wheels have bearings already, but it's always good to double check.

Part 2 of 2:Installing the New Wheels

1Add your wheel bearings to your new wheel if it doesn't have them. Align the wheel bearing with the hole in the center of your new wheel. Gently tap the bearing in with your allen wrench until it is flush with the surrounding metal. Then, tap the other bearing into the other side of the wheel with your allen wrench.

If your new wheel already has bearings in it, you don't need to worry about this.

2Align your new wheel with the screw holes in the scooter. Grab your new wheel and slide it into the space where your old wheel used to be. Use your allen wrench to align the hole in the middle of the wheel with the openings in the sides of the scooter.

Make sure your new wheel is the same size and shape of your old wheel.

Your new wheel should also match your scooter's back wheel.

3Slide the axle into the center of the wheel. Grab the long axle and slide it through the screw openings in the side of the scooter and into the wheel. Make sure it fits through both the scooter and the wheel so that it all stays together.

Tip: If your axle isn't sliding straight through your wheel, poke an allen wrench into the hole and wiggle it around until the hole and the axle line up.

4Put the other screw into the other side of the wheel. Pick up the second screw and thread it through the other side of the scooter into the wheel. Nestle it into the axle so that the screw and the axle are connected to hold the wheel up.

5Tighten the screws with an allen wrench. Insert 1 allen wrench into the axle and 1 allen wrench into the screw. Hold the allen wrench on the axle steady while you turn the one on the screw clockwise. This will tighten the screw and lock your new wheel into place.

Make sure your screws are super tight so that your wheel doesn't come off as you are riding your scooter.