How to Quick Start a 1998 Furby That Won’t Start Up 2022


Something that happens quite often with the original Furbys is that you get them and they don't work. This is how you can quick start your Furby!


Method 1 of 2:Spinning The Motor And Gear

1Remove the fur and shell from Furby. You should be able to see the wiring.

2Find the motor. To the right of Furby's beak, you will see a silver and red, cylinder shaped mechanism. That's it.

3Get something small, like a small screwdriver or pen cap.

4Spin the motor to the right a good couple dozen times.

5Find the gear. It's small and gray, and located to the left side of Furby's beak.

6Using your small object, spin this gear to the right for about 10 minutes.

7Once you've spun it enough, put batteries in Furby. He should start right up and be ready to play!

Method 2 of 2:Going Above The Beak

1Push down the beak. You should be able to see inside.

2Get a small flathead screwdriver. A phillips head works fine as well, but a flathead is easier to use.

3Insert the screwdriver to the left of the beak and push it down as far as it can go.

4Spin your screwdriver to the left. If you are in the right spot, then you should be at the gear mentioned in the previous method.

To know if you are in the right spot, look at Furby's ears and eyelids. They should move slightly every time you spin the screwdriver.

5Once you feel that you have spun it enough, put batteries into Furby. Most likely he will start right up!