How to Prevent Having Your Cell Phone Go off During School 2021


In most schools, bringing your cellphone to school is against the rules. However, students have countless reasons to bring their cellphone to school. But however, your cell phone may go off during school, and if it does, it could get taken away, and/or you will get a punishment. So how do you prevent having your cellphone go off during class? Here's how!


1Turn your cell phone completely off. You may not want to do this, if you plan to use your cell phone during school. If this is the case, then keep your phone on vibrate.

Turn the vibration off as well.

2Keep your cell phone in a cell phone case. This is because your cell phone turns on when certain buttons are pressed, and you want to avoid having those buttons pressed. Keeping your cell phone in your bag is a bad idea if it doesn't have a cover because your bag will move around, and so will your cell phone. Then, those buttons may be pressed, and your phone could turn on. So make sure your cell phone has a cell phone case.

3Consider putting your cell phone in your locker. Again, you may not want to do this if you want to use your cell phone during class, but it's worth consideration because if it does go off, it will be in your locker, and the chances of somebody being right next to your locker when your phone goes off are very slim.

4Tell your friends ahead of time not to call or text you during school. Skip this step if you plan to text your friends during school. This will decrease your chances of your phone going off.

5Change your settings on your phone, so that if someone does call or text you, it will not make noise. You can do this in your phones settings. Consider reading the manual if you are confused.

6You could ask your parent to have a word with the principal. Surely he would allow your phone after a conversation with your parent.

7If you keep your phone in your back pocket lock the keypad. That way you will prevent butt dialing, which is accidentally pressing numbers with your butt and could cause you to call or text someone.

8If all else fails, check your messages after school.