How to Present a Romantic Gift 2022


The entire process of giving gifts in a romantic relationship can be stressful. You wander stores searching for something you think they'd like. Or should you opt for something homemade? Does that seem cheap? Then you choose a sweet card and stare at the blankness inside. Do you write something short and sweet, or flowery and passionate? It's all so difficult! Finally, the present is wrapped and the card is sealed. Don't get comfortable— now you've got the tricky task of finding the perfect way to present your romantic gift.


Part 1 of 3:Setting the Scene

1Choose if it'll be a surprise, or you'll create some nice build-up. Surprises make others tingly with excitement, while they make others feel anxious and overwhelmed. Decide which category your partner falls into.

If you want the gift to be a total surprise, make sure you hide it well and act naturally before you give it to them. The less they see it coming, the happier they will be.

If your partner is anti-surprise, let them know you have something special for them. They still won't know what the gift is, so it won't be spoiled, but they will be aware that you have something prepared.

2Decide if you want to give your gift in public or private. If you're presenting your significant other with lacy lingerie and a sex toy, consider giving them their present in privacy. If you think they'd enjoy getting a huge bouquet and a piece of jewelry at a romantic dinner, then present it that way. Some people love romantic gestures in public while others prefer sharing the moment alone, so just try to determine which your partner would prefer.

3Wrap your gift beautifully. By concealing the present in a gorgeous wrapping paper and placing it in a beautiful bag, your significant other will be even more giddy and excited at the moment of the big reveal. You can even increase the excitement and anticipation if you leave the wrapped gift in plain sight, before giving them the chance to open it. If you've purchased the gift from a store, ask if the clerk will wrap it up nicely for you. If you're on your own for this part head to a craft store to pick out the best wrapping supplies.

If you're not a crafty person and don't know the best way to wrap the gift, check out YouTube! There are tons of tutorials on the best way to present a gift.

4Write a meaningful and sincere card. Often times, this can be the most memorable and touching part of a gift, so don't leave this until the last minute. Think about the occasion, reflect on your feelings towards the recipient, and don't be nervous about getting sappy. A perfectly written card is the cherry on top of the romantic gift.

Flatter the person you're giving the gift to. Tell them all the reasons why you love them, and why they deserve this gift.

Get nostalgic, and talk about special moments you've shared. Look forward to the future, and talk about what else you hope to experience with them.

5Create a romantic atmosphere for the presentation of the gift. Whether you've chosen to present your gift in private or in public, make sure that you've set the mood. If you're at home, candles, flowers, and soft music are all great ways to create an intimate mood. If you want to give your gift in public, choose somewhere with dim lighting and a sexy vibe. Wine or champagne is a bonus in either scenario!

Deciding the atmosphere that works best for your partner is absolutely the most important piece of advice, however.

If your partner feels uncomfortable at swanky restaurants or is allergic to scented candles and flowers, use common sense. Worry less about creating the perfect “stereotypical” romantic evening, and more about making your partner feel loved and happy.

6Try presenting the gift in a playful way. Sometimes the process of giving and receiving a gift can be a gift all on its own! If your present consists of multiple pieces, think about giving it piece by piece throughout the day. This will keep your partner excited and feeling loved all day long. If you want to get really creative, construct a scavenger hunt for your love! You can give them clues that will lead them to their gift at the very end.

Don't be shy to enlist the help of your lover's family and friends. They may be able to help you pull off a really fun and special gift presentation.

Part 2 of 3:Presenting Your Gift

1Give your partner some explanation. Tell them why you chose that specific gift for them, and why you think they'll like it. This gives you an opportunity to show the thought and love that went into picking the gift. If you explained it all in the card, just instruct them to read that first.

Your sweet explanation why you chose the gift may mean more to your partner than the actual gift. It's a chance to show them how well you know them.

2Prepare for any awkward mishaps. Remember, life is not perfect and something can go wrong that could make the situation slightly uncomfortable. When it comes to giving romantic gifts, that awkwardness could most likely arise if they aren't happy with the gift, or if they do not have a gift for you in return.

If it's clear in their face that they don't like the gift and it's not something they enjoy, don't be afraid to address it. Tell them that you really want them to have a gift they will adore, and you'd love the opportunity to pick out something new with them. Reduce any tension by showing them you are not hurt, and that your intentions with the gift were good.

If you expected a gift in return and don't get one, don't take it to heart. Smile and tell them that you loved getting them something, and that they shouldn't feel obligated or guilty that the gift-giving was one-sided. You can be upset, and maybe even address it, later, but don't ruin their gift by dwelling on your nonexistent one.

3Accept their gratitude graciously. It can ruin the mood if they are gushing their thanks and you brush it off. It can be uncomfortable to accept another's enthusiastic appreciation, but don't sour the moment by saying something like, “Ehhh, it was nothing.”

Tell them that they are very welcome. Explain why you think they deserve the gift, and tell them you're happy that they enjoy it.

If you want to be extremely romantic, tell them that every day with them is a gift and you're happy to return the favor!

Part 3 of 3:Planning the Time

1Pick the date you'll give your gift. This may seem obvious— on your partner's birthday, on Valentine's Day, on your anniversary, or on another special date. However, if the romantic calendar date falls on a week day and you're celebrating on the weekend, you'll have to decide when you want to exchange gifts. If it's a “just because” gift, then you can give it whenever you think works best.

If you opt to wait for your celebration with your partner rather than the actual date, make sure they know something special is coming so they don't feel like you forgot!

2Figure out which time of day works best to give your gift. You may see them on the morning of their birthday or your anniversary, but giving a romantic gift may work better at nightfall. However, if your significant other finds early morning to be the most amorous and dreamy time of the day, give them their gift then! Every couple is different, so consider your own personal style while planning the presentation.

The most important thing is to decide when you think your partner would most appreciate receiving the gift.

3Be willing to change and adapt your plans for unexpected circumstances. For example, If your anniversary falls on a Saturday but you just found out that your partner's parents will be visiting all weekend, maybe you should consider presenting the gift early. If you're giving an extremely romantic gift, you don't want to create any discomfort or embarrassment by choosing the wrong time. Similarly, if you planned on giving your significant other a sweet letter and gift at dinner but they are having a rough morning, maybe give it to them early to help cheer them up.

The important thing to do is to give your romantic gift when you feel like the timing is most perfect.

Remember, plans are great, but they can be changed. It's your gift, after all!