How to Plan a Romantic Birthday Outing 2022


A romantic outing can turn an average birthday into an unforgettable one. But with all of the different activities, restaurants, and gifts to choose from, things can get a little overwhelming when you're trying to plan a memorable birthday celebration. Fortunately, by taking your significant other's interests into consideration and getting creative with your plans, you can put together a romantic birthday outing that neither of you will forget.


Method 1 of 4:Choosing the Best Activities

1Choose birthday activities based on your significant other's interests. For example, if they love to go shopping, you could incorporate shopping into the birthday plans by starting out the day at the mall. If they hate crowds, you could choose activities where you'll be more secluded. Keeping their interests in mind will help you choose activities you know they'll enjoy.

2Choose activities that are within your budget. Don't feel obligated to spend a lot of money for your significant other's birthday if you can't afford it. Look for cheap or free activities you can do together; your significant other will still appreciate the effort.

For example, you could take your significant other to a free outdoor concert at the park if they like live music, or find a museum that's having a discounted or free admission day.

3Check the weather forecast before you finalize your plans. If you're planning on doing something outside and the weather is calling for rain, look for a new activity you can do that's indoors. If it's going to be a nice day out and you hadn't planned anything for outside, consider squeezing an extra activity that's outside into the schedule.

Method 2 of 4:Planning a Daytime Outing

1Go out to brunch to kick off the day. Wake up your significant other and tell them you have a surprise for them. Then take them to their favorite brunch spot and treat them to some good food, and maybe a mimosa or two (if they're old enough).

2Go for a romantic stroll through the park if it's nice outside. Choose a park with some beautiful foliage or gardens in it. Stop and sit on a bench along the way and tell your significant other how happy you are to be spending their birthday with them.

3Go ice skating if you're celebrating during the winter. Rent ice skates at a local ice skating rink if you don't already have some. If your significant other doesn't know how to ice skate, help them onto the rink and let them hold onto you for support. You'll both be feeling the romance while you're holding hands and skating around the rink.

4Buy two tickets to the zoo if your significant other loves animals. Take lots of photos together with the animals and buy your significant other a small birthday present at the zoo gift shop. If there's no zoo near you, go to an aquarium instead.

5Lounge at the beach if you live near the ocean or a lake. Go swimming or rent paddle boards together. Hold hands and walk up and down the beach, collecting seashells along the way. You can keep them as a nice birthday memento for your significant other.

6Go wine tasting for a more upscale birthday outing. Research local wineries in your area and schedule a tasting for two. Keep in mind that there will likely be tasting fees, so include that in your budget for the day. Be the designated driver and let your significant other enjoy most of the wine.

7Rent bicycles and go exploring together. If you live close to a city you don't know that well, rent bikes there and ride around to do some sightseeing. You can also ride bikes through the park. Stop somewhere along the way and treat them to an ice cream for their birthday.

8Take a day trip to somewhere your significant other's always wanted to go. If there's a nearby landmark or attraction that they're constantly talking about seeing, surprise them and drive there for the day. If it's a short drive, you could leave it as a surprise until you get there.

For example, if your significant other has always wanted to visit a particular city that's not too far away, drive there and spend the day exploring.

9Go do something adventurous together. Surprise your significant other by taking them zip lining or whitewater rafting. If they're really daring, take them skydiving or bungy jumping.

Method 3 of 4:Going to a Romantic Dinner

1Make reservations at a restaurant at least 24 hours in advance. You can go to your significant other's favorite restaurant, or surprise them with something new. There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a restaurant for a romantic dinner:

The menu. Make sure the food is something your significant other will like. Check online to see if the restaurant has an online menu or call in advance and ask what kind of food they offer.

The atmosphere. Choose a restaurant that has soft, warm lighting, and romantic decor. Look for something that isn't crowded; you want the restaurant to be intimate but spacious so you and your significant other can hear one another.

The pricing. You should be paying for dinner since it's your significant other's birthday, so make sure you can afford whatever restaurant you're taking them to.

2Choose a table where you and your significant other can sit close to each other. Ask the host to seat you at a small table or booth. Sit across from your significant other if you want to gaze into their eyes, or sit on the same side of the table if you want to be closer to them.

3Order a bottle of wine for the table. Let your significant other choose the wine. If they don't like wine, go for a bottle of champagne instead. If you or your significant other aren't old enough to drink, order a bottle of sparkling water or some non-alcoholic cocktails.

4Let your significant other order whatever they'd like off the menu. It's their birthday, so you should treat them to something special. Offer to get them an appetizer and let them know they can order anything they'd like.

5Order a dessert for the table. Go with cake since you're out celebrating a birthday. Ask your significant other if they'd like to share one dessert; sharing dessert can be romantic.

6Pay for the meal. Don't let your significant other pay since it's their birthday. If they're insistent on paying, politely decline and remind them that it's a special occasion and you're happy to pay.

Method 4 of 4:Enjoying an Evening Out

1Go out for drinks after dinner if you want to celebrate into the night. Choose a place to drink based on your significant other's preferences. If they're more laid back, try a bar. If they like nicer things, take them somewhere to get fancy cocktails. Try to pay for all of their drinks since it's their birthday.

2Go to a theater and see a romantic movie together for a laid-back outing. It's fine if your significant other doesn't like romantic films, you can take them to see an action movie or a thriller instead. Treat them to some popcorn and a drink at the concession stand.

For an even more romantic movie-going experience, take them to see a movie at the drive-ins. You'll have an easier time talking to each other sitting in the car than you will in a crowded theater.

3Go somewhere to watch the sunset if dinner doesn't run too late. If you really think your significant other would enjoy seeing the sunset, have a late dinner and watch the sunset first. Find a high vantage point, like on top of a hill or on a rooftop, for the best view. Bring along a picnic basket with something romantic inside like chocolate covered strawberries or champagne.

4Take your significant other to a jazz club if they enjoy live-music. If you don't live near a jazz club, search online for a local establishment where a live-band will be performing. Don't forget to ask your significant other to dance.

5Go for a horse-drawn carriage ride for a perfect end to the day. Reserve a carriage for you and your significant other in advance so there's one available for you in the evening. During the ride, remind your significant other how much they mean to you and ask them if they had a good birthday.