How to Place a Target Order for Delivery from the Shipt App on an iPhone 2022


If you were invited to use the Shipt app (either through Target, Target's app, a friend or family member), you'll probably want to know the directions of how to place an order through the app. This article will serve as this instructional guide to help you get on your way to using it.


1Recognize that with Shipt, you need to have a membership to buy from them using this method. However, Shoppers get a lifetime free membership to Shipt - assuming they sign-up using their Shopper email address. It isn't cheap but is decent for the services it provides for you - the member.

If you can't afford a membership, Try buying from the Target app itself. No membership is required with the Target app, although most areas say Target's footing the bill for your membership.

Shoppers will still provide services without the hassle of a membership price tag.

Shipt provides services for single orders for a set price without a membership on their Shipt app - but that's a newer feature (beginning in 2019).

2Open the Shipt app. The Shipt app is meant for customers to buy - including its Shoppers buying for themselves. The Shipt app is a green"bag"on a blackish/dark-purple background. The app says just Shipt below the app icon.

Log in, if necessary. Usernames are emails; provide your credentials and sign-in using the displayed log-in form.

3Check if the store you are looking at is from a Target. Store entries are shown in the green bar at the top of the screen. The Target bullseye will be shown in the top left corner, and just to the right will be the store name"Target,"followed on the next line by"To"and your street address (excluding your city, state, and zip code).

Oftentimes, Shipt also has services from CVS and Petco or a wealth of other stores, depending on what stores match their store markets.

Target is a relatively new store but is fairly popular in some markets/regions (what Shoppers will call a Metro). It joined with Shipt beginning in 2018 and has shown off quite a bit.

4Check that the address in this bar is correct. Tap the store button, then tap"Change"if it is incorrect. Fill out the form.

Part 1 of 4:Putting Your Finger to Start the Order

1Search for and tap your product. Shipt has various ways to add products. They have a search bar - at the top of the screen - initially labeled"Search Target"with their"Estimated Delivery time and date"below that (Labeled as just"Est Delivery: (Date and time),"or if you scroll around on the page, you can generally pick things through various categories of products - often picked from that market's commonly placed items.

After you start buying (either on Shipt or through Target's connected app), you'll often see the"Buy Again"list - which you can scroll through - left to right.

THere's a barcode scanner at the right end of the search bar that can be used to input items that should be found at this Target into your cart.

2Clip coupons along the way if you believe you'll purchase the product during this delivery. Tap the"buy (x quantity), get $(price) Off"below the item, from Shipt Home screen"then tap the"Clip Coupon"on the dialog box to get this offer. Follow the directions. If it says to get more than one, put in at least that number of units. If not, it'll automatically be applied to your order at the end - when the Shopper drops off the item on your doorstep.

3Recognize what some of the other Tabs give you the ability to do.

Target doesn't just provide items based on what categories are available on Shipt's Home screen. If you tap the"Shop,"you'll locate more categories that are further split into other subcategories that you can tap to narrow down to more products.

Explore the Deals tab if you want products containing Shipt coupons or other price reductions.

Utilize the My Items tab to watch items you've bought in the past that may be helpful to buy again. They have three tabs: Buy Again, Favorites (bookmarked via the flag, as you'll see later), and"Special Requests."

Don't bother right now with the Orders tab. This displays the history and receipts from past orders.

4Keep an eye on the shopping cart icon - located in the top right corner. As you place items into your cart, it'll note how many total units there are and can get you to the next steps at the end.

Part 2 of 4:Adding Items to the Cart

1Quick-order the product - right from the Shipt's home page if you see what you want quickly. Tap the + button to add the item. Continue tapping the plus button to add more units of the item to your cart.

If you later decide that's not what you want, you can subtract it by tapping the item's green box and tapping the garbage can icon. If you have more, the first units' loss (up until 1), the button looks like a subtraction sign instead.

2View the item details page. Tap right on the product icon - not on the green + button.

3Read the page.

At the top of the page, you'll find the product's profile photo. Sometimes this photo isn't just perfect, but it will come close.

Below this, you'll find the brand (for its"Category") and name on its left, and an incomplete heart (broken in the bottom right corner) to bookmark/star the item for later

The next line contains the price, along with the product's size or dimensions. The price charged is in red - and should match that of the store shelve's price (though sometimes that doesn't hold up when a Shipt special price comes into play.

Use the"Add to Cart"button and item's backup line (Either"Add note or backup"or"Backup: (product name)"and containing an Edit button. These two will be important and contained in the next steps.

For certain items, you may see a concise description in an area just below this, or you may see a 2-sectioned area called Details and Nutrition - both of which are tabs you can switch between for the product (used a"Read more"area).

Read through the scrollable"Recommended for You"line. Scroll from right to left to see all other similar items that Shipt is selling that could get you to buy more!

4Tap the Add to Cart button. This will add the product to your cart.

If you later make a mistake, you can tap the trashcan icon to the left of the product's description.

To add more units of the item, tap the + button on the"pseudo"slider's bar until the"1 in cart changes to indicate how many you'd like.

If you later need to remove units of this item, you can tap the - sign on the left until you get down to just the initial first unit, where you'll tap the trashcan icon.

5Choose a backup if you'd like. Backups come into play when the Shopper can't find your exact product, and you'd be okay with them finding something else. Backups save the aggravation of dealing with contacting aggravation or the Shopper making incorrect substitutes and still providing you with great product alternatives you'll appreciate.

Tap the"Add note or backup"to help them further the substitution along.

Provide your note about the product that you'll want them to watch for. Common notes could be to watch for dietary restrictions or product notes - such as to watch for expiration dates (although that does come with the territory your Shopper should be known to watch for already).

Choose your backup item from the"Backup option"below this. Though instructions this says"Your choice in case this item is out of stock"are pretty clear, you have two choices"Do not substitute"(contact you or utilize your Substitution Instructions) or"Get a backup item"(common). Tap the circular radio-checkbox to the left of your choice, then provide for the backup item (tapping the item's icon based on its price, title, and size/quantity per pack - then tap Save.

You can also search for a certain backup by tapping the"Search for backups"line or tapping the barcode and scanning the product's barcode to substitute one for another.

If your backup is out of Stock, your Shopper will follow your Substitution Instructions (described later). If they can't find this item either, they'll ask you what to do with the issue and/or switch it out based on their knowledge and what's available, make the switches themselves (based on your Substitution Instructions).

Part 3 of 4:Completing the Order

1Tap the Shopping cart icon in the top right corner. The Shopping cart icon looks like a shopping cart and should have a white number inside of a red circle in its top-right corner. (This number designates how many distinct items you've ordered - not how many units you have.)

2Double check your items. Here you'll find a second check of the items in your order with buttons to add more units to the order or make additional changes.

3Add a special request if you can't find the item in the database. Tap the Add special request"button from the"Can't find what you need?"section - then follow along. Type just the product's name or approximate item description. Keep these descriptions brief and only one special request to each box. You can tap the"Add special request"buttons multiple times to add additional special requests.

4Read the rest of the page. Although there is an"Empty Cart"button (to clear everything in your cart and start over fresh), there's also a whole section called"In Case You Missed"and another"Recommended for You"that may get you to buy more needed items. that you've either bought before or are similar to items you've bought in this order or the past (Target prepaid order are sniffed if your email addresses match)

5Read the Subtotal line in the bottom right corner. This total doesn't include the delivery fees, tips, bottle deposit fees (if applicable to your state), and taxes - but is an approximate price to what you'd pay in the store, based on Shipt's totals.

6Tap the"Check Out"button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Here you'll be able to proceed and get this delivery scheduled and out to shoppers, but it's more complicated than this one button alone.

7Schedule your delivery. Shoppers have what are called"Delivery Windows,"which are a period of one hour-long blocks on which to Shop and deliver your order. Tap the radio-box to the left of the Delivery Window hour that works best for you. Shipt provides times on the current day and the following day.

If the Shopper finishes Shopping early and thinks they can get it delivered early, Shipt will also ask (after you select the choice) if it's okay to deliver before your delivery window. Tap the switch to turn on the Early Ok - something some Shoppers like (others don't).

Tap the"Next"button at the bottom of the screen to proceed.

Part 4 of 4:Checking Out

1Double-check that the delivery address is correct on the Checkout screen. Tapping it won't produce any result. However, if you checked it along the way, this should be correct.

2Tell Shipt whether you'd like the delivery to be contactless. Some Shoppers will send a text notification when it's at your doorstep. Some may even send you a picture as proof. Tap the switch - if it isn't already turned on to the right of"Leave my order at the door."If the switch lights in green (with a full-white button), it's turned on.

If you leave it off, be there to accept the goods on the handoff. Your shopper will be instructed to wait at your doorstep, and Shoppers won't want to wait too long for your arrival. (While taking a few moments to use your bathroom/restroom is okay before they arrive, if you aren't expected to be there, make sure to contact your shopper before they arrive. You will value their time, and they will value your promptness. But they will want to know that you'll be there to accept the goods.

Notes to your Shopper sent through the filtered contact number (used on both your side and your Shoppers) are watched, and changes to this can be sent to them.

3Fill in your delivery instructions. (Even if you've done this before, Shipt doesn't save your entry - though they do sniff Target's delivery instructions and save those entries for your use - you have to open it up to add it. Tap the Delivery Instructions line, then select your note . If you'd like to add a different note, tap the"Add"button in the top right corner, type your note, then press Save.

This is mostly used to mention whether there's a gate code or if navigation apps won't get the Shopper there. It should also be used to fill in where you'd like the delivery to be left if there's a non-standard place to leave it or other pieces that will get that order to you quicker.

4Make sure the Delivery Window is correct. If it isn't, tap the Delivery Window line, then reselect the corrected Window, check your Early Ok, then tap Save at the bottom.

5Check your Substitution Instructions. Here you can instruct your Shopper how you'd like to communicate to them how you'd like them to handle substitutes - to ensure you get the best products you're willing to buy.

"Contact me so I can choose"will have your shopper wondering how they can fix this as they ask you through text. Those who've signed with a landline phone number might eventually receive a call.

"Choose for me"gives the Shopper the benefit of the doubt to make the best substitute with what is on the shelf. Your Shopper is given a list of how Shipt wants substitutes adjusted during their initial training - without needing to bother you, and the Shopper can make the best substitutes for you.

Make sure to note dietary preferences for some foods that may contain allergens you may be allergic to if you will use this feature - if necessary.

"Do not substitute"tells the Shopper not to substitute with anything but this item. Any unfound item will be refunded to you after the temporary authorization (will be explained later) is adjusted to include the correct amount.

6Choose the default Shopper Tip. Shopper Tips are set before placing the order and are already figured into the final total. The Shopper Tip can be adjusted up to two hours after the delivery is made. If you want to set a default tip, tap the"Other"button, then enter the tip amount starting at the left and ending at the rightmost digit - then tap Save.

7Check that the payment form is right. Just between the Payment Summary and the beginning of the initial"receipt,"you'll find the card or payment method used. You may need to set it up on your first delivery. Thereafter, you'll want to ensure this is the best card to use and fix it with the Edit button later.

8Review the initial receipt. Your initial receipt will contain the Subtotal line, followed by the Delivery Fee, Tax (if applicable), Tip, and Bottle Deposit Fees (if applicable) - all totaling to an Order total line.

Tip: Want to avoid the Delivery Fee? Try adding at least $35 to your cart, and you'll see this fee change to a red all-caps"Free."

9Look at the temporary authorization that is to be used for the order. This should account for the items plus the fees plus a marginal space that can be used for additions and changes. This is only a statement and is based on your particular cart's total.

10Place the order. Tap the Place Order button found at the bottom of the screen. If you used ApplePay, you must still walk through the ApplePay instructions to complete the sale. Resting your finger on the Home button or tapping the power button twice, then showing ApplePay your face (for FaceID) - depending on your device's capability. Some devices may not have that much security, and you'll be forced to input your passcode.

Authenticate yourself promptly - this will get that delivery set up to be shopped and delivered to you quickly.