How to Make Valentines for the Whole Class 2022


If you like to celebrate Valentine's Day with your peers, you should make sure to include everyone in your class. You can make the same basic cards for everyone. You can also make individual cards based on people's personalities. Make sure you ask your teacher if it's okay before handing out the Valentine's cards during class hours.


Part 1 of 3:Deciding on an Approach

1Get a list of all your classmates. You can get a list from your teacher if you ask. Even if you think you know everyone, it's a good idea to have a list just to make sure.

2Think about making the same cards for everyone. It can be hard to make an individual card for every person, especially if you have a large class. Think about making the same basic card for everyone. You can personalize them by adding things like classmates names, initials, and a brief personal message.

You can try cutting out a series of hearts from construction paper, for example. Then you can slice a small slit down the center of the cards and put a small toy arrow through each one. These are simple cards to make you can easily personalize by writing your classmates' initials on the cards.

3Decide what to put in the cards. It can be a nice touch to include a small treat in the cards. If you're including tiny gifts, consider items that are easy to attach to the cards, such as candies or toys.

Stop by a local craft store. These places often sell tiny rubber animal toys, like toy dinosaurs or zoo animals. You could try taping a toy to every card.

Pick up some tissue paper and bunch it up into a shape of a flower. You can give everyone fake flowers for Valentine's Day.

Buy some Valentine's Day themed pencils. If you're doing hearts with arrows, you can even attach construction paper on either ends of the pencils to make small arrows.

4Look at the supplies you have. If you're not sure what direction to go, it may help to examine your current craft inventory. Instead of buying new supplies, it may be easier to work with what you currently have.

For example, if you have a lot of construction paper and water color paints, you can make small heart-shaped cards decorated with water colors.

5Include healthy treats if your school has rules about food. Many schools have rules about food and ban things like sugar and candy. If your school has strict rules, include healthy foods with the cards. You could include something like dried fruit or trail mix made up of pretzels, popcorn, and healthy cereal.

Make sure you know if anyone in your class has dietary restrictions. If some students are gluten free, for example, be sure to stock their card with gluten free snacks.

Part 2 of 3:Making Your Cards

1Make cards shaped like hands. One cute idea is to make hand-shaped cards that form a heart in the middle. Trace your hands side by side on two pieces of construction paper. Make sure your left and right index fingers are touching, as well as your left and right thumbs. This should form a heart shape in the area between your hands. You can then cut your handprints, and the space between your index fingers and thumbs, to make a hand-shaped card that opens up to reveal a heart shape.

To personalize the cards, you can write special messages inside of them as well as things like your classmates' names and initials. For example, write something like,"Thanks for giving me a hand during math class!"if there is a student in your grade who helps you with your homework.

2Create cat cards for animal lovers. If you have animal lovers in your class, you can make them cards shaped like cats. You can make a cat shape out of hearts by cutting out different pieces of construction paper.

Draw one big heart on a piece of construction paper. Then, cut out two smaller hearts of the same shape.

On a blank greeting card, glue the big heart upside down. The curved parts of the heart will be your cat's lips. Then, you can add the smaller hearts on the other end of the heart. These are the cat's ears.

You can draw a heart shape for the nose. Draw on eyes or glue googly eyes to the cat.

If you want, you can use the hearts to make other animal shapes. Pointing the smaller hearts downward, for example, could help you make droopy ears like a dog.

3Decorate cards with stamps. If you're not great at drawing, use stamps and ink to decorate cards. You can buy blank greeting cards at a craft store and use Valentine's Day colors, like pink and red, for ink. Use stamps to stamp on letters and shapes onto cards. You can also buy ink and stamps at a craft store.

You can opt for traditionally Valentine's Day shapes, like hearts and arrows. You can also personalize the cards. For example, if one of your classmates loves dinosaurs, use dinosaur shapes.

You can write cute messages in the cards based on the shapes you're including. For example, if one of your classmates likes cards, stamp some images of race cars in their card and write something like,"You make my heart race."

4Use candy hearts as decorations. Get a pack of tiny chocolate hearts from the grocery store. You can then glue these hearts onto cards to make shapes and designs. This is a great way to give a classmate a treat as well as a card.<

Cut out the shape of a stegosaurus on cardboard paper and glue it to the card. Use the candy hearts as the stegosaurus's spikes.

Draw the shape of a butterfly, but use the hearts as its wings.

Use the hearts as petals of a flower.

5Paint on cards with watercolor paints. If you have watercolors, use them to paint the inside of blank cards. This is a good option if you're trying to make a personalized card for everyone. You can paint different and use different colors on each card to reflect your classmates' individual personalities.

If you're not great at drawing or painting freely, you can use stencils to create shapes on each card.

Part 3 of 3:Handing Out Your Cards

1Make sure it's okay to hand out cards in your school. Some schools have rules against handing out cards. Make sure you talk to your teacher before passing out your Valentine's Day cards. You do not want to end up in trouble for passing out cards in school.

If your school forbids handing out Valentines during class, you can try passing them out at lunch or recess.

You can also see if it's okay to leave your cards in your classmates' lockers or cubbies.

2Pass out cards if your class has a party. If your class has a Valentine's Day party, this is usually the best place to pass out the cards. You can go around the room and give everyone the special card you made for them.

However, make sure cards are allowed. Remember, some schools do not allow you to hand out cards for holidays.

3Make sure to account for absent kids. If some kids are absent, write their names down somewhere. You want to make sure you get them their Valentines when they get back to school. You don't want anyone to feel left out.