How to Make an Easter Basket 2021


Easter baskets are a fun and festive way to share candy with your friends and family. There's no need to worry if you don't have a basket of your own—you can take an hour or so to make a woven paper basket, or you can use other household items to make a basket if you're in a pinch. Once your basket is ready to go, fill it up with candy and other treats to share with your loved ones.


Method 1 of 3:Creating a Woven Paper BasketDownload Article

1Cut out 8 1 by 14 in (2.5 by 35.6 cm) strips of blue and pink paper. Set aside a few sheets of blue and pink construction paper. Measure several 4 1 by 14 in (2.5 by 35.6 cm) strips of both blue and pink paper, so you have 8 strips in total.

These strips will serve as the “woven” portion of your basket.

You can use whatever colors you'd like for your basket! Pastels are great for Easter baskets, like lavender, light green, or peach.

2Snip 5 1 by 18 in (2.5 by 45.7 cm) strips out of white paper. Measure and cut out 5 identical strips of paper that are 1 in (2.5 cm) wide and 18 in (46 cm). Place these strips in your work area to use later on, as they'll help you build your basket.

Four of these white strips will provide structure for your basket, while the fifth strip will serve as the basket's handle.

Tip: If your paper isn't long enough, just tape 2 shorter pieces of paper together.

3Lay 4 strips of alternating colors vertically side by side on your work surface. Take 2 pink and 2 blue strips and place them right next to one another so the edges are touching. Check that the strips are alternating in color, so your basket has a fun color scheme.

For instance, place your strips in this order: pink, blue, pink blue.

4Weave the 4 horizontal strips between the 4 vertical strips. Take the 4 other pink and blue strips and position them horizontally across the 4 vertical strips. Weave all 4 strips over and under the vertical strips, which will create the base of your basket.

Each horizontal strip will alternate. For instance, your first pink strip will go under the first vertical blue strip, over the first vertical pink strip, under the second vertical blue strip, and over the second vertical pink strip. The second strip will go over the first vertical blue strip, under the first vertical pink strip, and so on.

Your strips will vaguely resemble the bottom of a woven basket.

5Leave 4 in (10 cm) of excess paper on each side of the basket base. At this point, your strips will make up a central woven square, which will have 16 loose paper strips hanging off the edge. Measure these strips to make sure they're each around 4 in (10 cm). If necessary, shift the strips around until all of the loose paper is about the same length.

6Glue all the corners and edges into place with hot glue. Place a dot of hot glue between the 2 strips of paper along each corner to make the base of your basket more sturdy. Additionally, add a dot of glue to the woven edge sections, which provides a lot more security. Give the glue a few seconds to dry, so your basket is sturdy.

7Fold the colored strips upwards to form a basket. Take each of the 16 strips and fold them across the basket. Crease each strip along the bottom edge so they all point upwards, creating a basic basket shape.

These strips will serve as the side of the basket.

8Mark and fold the white strips every 4 in (10 cm) to form 4 squares. Take each of your white strips and make marks that are 4 in (10 cm) apart. Fold the strips along the marks to create a square shape, then glue both ends of the strip together. Wait for the glue to dry completely before you continue building your basket.

You'll need 4 square sections of white paper to finish your basket.

9Weave the colored strips around the white squares to give the basket shape. Slide each white square down to the base of your basket. Thread the blue and pink strips over and under the edges of the white paper to continue the woven pattern. Continue stacking the white squares on top of one another to give your basket a sturdy form and structure.

All neighboring strips should have alternative weaving patterns. For instance, if your blue strips are going over and under the white strips of paper, the pink strips need to go under and over.

10Fold and glue the ends of the colored strips to the rim of the basket. Glue the ends of the paper strips to the basket so they stay put. If some of your colored strips are a bit long, fold them over the rim and glue them in place.

This helps your basket look polished and uniform.

11Glue the final strip of paper inside the basket to serve as the handle. Place both ends of your last white strip on 2 opposite edges inside the basket. Hold the paper strip in place with a dot of hot glue, and wait for it to dry. At this point, you'll be ready to use and display your basket!

Since the basket is made of paper, don't put anything really heavy in it.

When finished this basket will be about 4 by 4 by 4 in (10 by 10 by 10 cm).

Method 2 of 3:Crafting Unconventional BasketsDownload Article

1Glue pom-pom trim to the edge of a wicker basket as a fun design. Apply a line of hot glue to a section of pom-pom trim and press it in place along the edge of a wicker basket. Repeat this process with the rest of the trim to create a beautiful border. Wait for the glue to dry completely before you display the basket or place any goodies inside.

You can also glue individual pom-poms along the edge of your basket.

Get creative with other decorations, like rhinestones, sequins, and decorative rocks. Make your Easter basket your own!

2Fill a mason jar with candy as an impromptu basket. Find a clean, empty mason jar that's large enough to fit a few pieces of candy. Add in as much candy and chocolate as you can before displaying the jar somewhere. As a finishing touch, glue paper grass or confetti along the rim of the jar to make it look really festive.

You can also jazz up your jars with a pair of fake bunny ears.

3Transform a bucket into a fun Easter basket. Find a plain bucket and cover it with a layer of colorful paint. Wait for the paint to dry, then glue some fake flowers along the side.

This is a great substitute for an Easter basket if you're in a pinch!

4Stuff a pair of colorful rain boots with candy. Search through your storage for a gently used, color set of rain boots. Use these boots as a container or “basket” for your Easter goodies, and display them with the rest of your Easter decorations.

You can always paint bright and fun designs onto your boots if they aren't naturally colorful.

5Make customized paper bags with decorative tape. Take a paper with a handle and apply a few strips of colorful tape to the front in a fun design. Write a friend or family member's name in nice script along the front of the bag so you can tell all your “baskets” apart.

For instance, you can create a fun zig-zag pattern with your tape, or use several small pieces of tape to make a flower.

Method 3 of 3:Filling Your Easter BasketDownload Article

1Stuff your basket with fake grass or paper confetti as a base. Pick up some plastic grass or confetti from a party store, which can add a fun, decorative touch to the bottom of your basket. If you can't find grass, use paper confetti as a filler for your basket.

You can find these supplies online or at most stores that sell party supplies.

2Add your favorite candy into the basket. Choose some festive candy that you or a loved one would enjoy. Depending on the size of the basket, you may be able to fit chocolate eggs of chocolate bunnies. Play around with different candy arrangements until you find something you like!

For instance, if you prefer sugary candy, you may want to put jelly beans in your basket.

If you're a big fan of chocolate, fill your basket with chocolate bars and bunnies instead.

3Place plastic eggs in your basket that are filled with treats. Open a plastic egg and fill it with small candy or toys. Arrange a bunch of these eggs in your basket to give it a festive and colorful look.

You can hide these eggs around your home and make a fun Easter egg hunt for your little ones.

4Surprise your loved ones with toys and plush animals. Find some small toys or trinkets that your friends and family members will love. This is an especially great idea if you have a lot of young ones at home.

5Create themed Easter baskets to cater to specific interests. Think about what your friends and family really enjoy, whether it's sports, going to the beach, gardening, or something else. Fill an Easter basket with goodies that pertain to a specific hobby or interest, which makes the basket more personalized and special. You can even choose different objects to serve as the “basket” depending on what your theme is!

For instance, you can paint a small wooden crate and fill it with gardening gloves, vegetable seeds, and other gardening goodies.

Fill a fun bucket with a Frisbee, jump rope, and other fun toys for an outdoor-themed basket.