How to Make a Sparkler Bomb 2022


Sparklers can be a fun and safe way to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. When bound and lit together, you can create a sparkler bomb. Sparkler bombs can explode and can produce a very large flame. The more sparklers you combine, the more dangerous the flame. Whether creating homemade sparklers or buying from the store, make sure to exercise extreme caution and safety procedures. Pyrotechnics can lead to serious harm and should not be attempted without proper supervision and precautions. Be sure to check with local authorities to ensure you are following all safety and legal guidelines in purchasing and detonating your pyrotechnics.


Purple Sparklers

60 milliliters hot water

36 grams potassium nitrate (KNO3) – Use stump remover

24 grams sugar or sucrose – ordinary granulated table sugar is fine

cotton yarn (not yarn made from a synthetic, like acrylic)

clothespins, alligator clips, or tongs to hold the sparkler (or you can dip the ends in wax

Red Sparklers

200 grams strontium nitrate

120 grams steel powder

32 grams aluminum flakes

6 grams boric acid

2 grams charcoal

~100 milliliters rubbing alcohol or a mixture of 25% alcohol in water

40 grams dextrin

wires or sticks


Method 1 of 3:Using Store Bought Sparklers

1Understand the dangers that exist with any type of pyrotechnics. Sparkler bombs can be extremely dangerous if taken to extreme lengths. Binding enough sparklers together can result in a blast as strong as dynamite. Sparkler bombs can hurt or severely harm individuals who do not take the proper precautions set by their local authorities.

2Read the labels. If you are planning to make a Sparkler Bomb in the U.S. and use more than 50 milligrams of flash powder, you are breaking the law under the ATF regulations for consumer fireworks.

3Check the safety regulations of the location you plan to set off your sparkler bombs. Many areas prohibit the use of pyrotechnics of any kind. Do not set off your sparkler bomb indoors or any location without proper exits, ventilation, and fire safety equipment.

4Buy a set of sparklers. Depending on the time of year, sparklers can be bought in many locations. Sparklers can be found in various sizes with the larger sizes lasting longer and giving off more effect. Sparkler bombs are usually made from the 10 inch sparklers.

Sparklers are wires that are coated in pyrotechnic material and iron fillings. Once lit, they emit a tiny amount of sparks that move down the wire for about 20 seconds.

5Tape some sparklers using electrical tape. As you increase the number of sparklers you tape together, you will create a greater effect; however, each sparkler you add increases your risk for harm and danger. Do not exceed an amount that you have already seen tested by a professional or tested yourself.

Supervise your children so that they do not exceed a safe limit. 72 sparklers are enough to make a dangerous bomb blast. Read the labels and keep well below 50 milligrams of flash powder, the explosive content in firecrackers that is illegal under the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and explosives.

Arrange them so that they are all facing the same way and tape them at the bottom where the is no longer any pyrotechnic material.

Wrap the bundle in tape 2-3 times, leaving an inch or so of the coated end exposed. It should now look like a cone.

6Plant the sparklers into the ground pointed away from you. Do not hold the sparklers in your hand while lit. Many people have suffered severe burns and injuries for being too close to the flame. Plant the sparklers in the ground so that you can easily observe from a safe distance.

Make sure there is nothing flammable around the detonation area.

Make sure all pets and toddlers are secure and accounted for because you do not want them suddenly darting onto the scene.

7Light the wick, and GET BACK. Using a single sparkler, light the rest of the sparkler bomb. Light the single sparkler, with matches or a lighter, away from the sparkler bomb. You want to be able to move to a safe distance as quickly as possible.

Method 2 of 3:Creating Homemade Purple Sparklers

1Dissolve the dry chemicals. Pour 36 grams potassium nitrate and 24 sugar into 60 milliliters hot water. Stir the mixture until the potassium nitrate and sugar dissolve.

This mixture can be very smokey. Add aluminum or titanium flakes to the mixture for a more distinct glow.

2Prepare 3 meters of cotton yarn with the mixture. Soak about 3 meters of yarn with the water, potassium nitrate, and sugar mixture. Using a cookie sheet, arrange the yarn so you can dry them out into lines.

Do not use acrylic yarn.

3Dry the yarn. Air dry the yarn by keeping the cookie sheet in a dry area that won't be disturbed by pets or children.

If you do not have time to air dry the yarn, dry the yarn in your oven at 300 °F (150 °C) for about 20 minutes. Remember to watch the yarn. Open the oven and use tongs to shuffle the yarn off the pan after 5-10 minutes to prevent them from sticking.

4Cut the yarn to make sparklers. Once completely dry, cut the yarn into straight pieces to make sparklers. You can make them as long or as short as you want but don't make it too short because it can quickly burn your hand.

5Don't burn your fingers. Use a glove to hold these homemade sparklers. You can also use a clip, clothespin, or anything else to keep the sparkler away from your fingers and hand.

Method 3 of 3:Creating Homemade Red Sparklers

1Order your chemicals. Most of these chemicals may be difficult to find so order them online. Check with your local delivery service to ensure that they are legal to obtain in your area.

2Mix the solid materials without any dextrin. Add 200 grams strontium nitrate, 120 grams steel powder, 32 grams aluminum flakes, 6 grams boric acid, 2 grams charcoal, and ~100 milliliters rubbing alcohol or a mixture of 25% alcohol in water together.

3Mix alcohol and dextrin to create a paste. Stir dextrin into about 25 ml of alcohol solution. Keep stirring to break up any lumps until you create a paste.

4Mix all the ingredients with alcohol. Create a mixture by adding the solid ingredients and dextrin paste with between 50 and 75 milliliters of alcohol. Keep stirring until the mixture is smooth.

5Create your sparkler. Dip wire into the mixture. Just like store bought sparklers, leave enough room on the wire for you to be able to hold it. Partially dip the wire, leaving a few inches for your hand. to be at a safe distance. Dry the sparkler and dip it again for a second coat. Do not light the sparkler until it is completely dry.

You may need another sparkler or butane torch to light these sparklers so be sure to wear the proper safety equipment and take the proper precautions.