How to Make a Positive Contribution to the World 2022


It's common to feel enraged and depressed at injustice within the world. It is also easy to feel overwhelmed and think 'I'm just one person what can I do?' Apathy is deadly. If you strive to 'be the change you wish you see in the world' but don't know where to start, hopefully this might help...


1Find your focus. While there are many serious issues equally worthy of your attention and support, you'll have the greatest impact if you focus on the challenges that you are passionate about.

2Consider where you may have the greatest impact. Some causes can be supported simply by choosing a certain product over another while shopping (e.g. Fair Trade). For other causes, without having qualifications or expertise, they can only really be supported by donating money (e.g. charities for diseases). Consider your natural abilities, skills and strengths and how you can use these to make a positive contribution in your own unique way. Don't despair of the skills you don't possess, but work with what you have. Remember, not even people like Gandhi or Mandela were perfect in every way. They just had strong belief and determination in their own personal power to change things.

3Educate and inform yourself. This might sound like hard work, but if you're serious about implementing positive change, it's important to be as knowledgeable as possible on it, otherwise people won't take you seriously. Plus if it's something you're truly passionate about, then you will most likely find the motivation to do this. Ignorance is not your friend!

4Inform others about your knowledge and causes. Yet, understand that not everyone shares the same priorities as you, though they might still support your cause of choice. If everyone's main priority was the environment, and they all devoted their energy to it, there would be serious imbalance in other areas, which could lead to disaster! Don't berate people if they don't agree, just try to spread awareness. A lot of positive change has occurred when enough people have become aware and educated about world issues.

5Explore your options for leaving a legacy of sustainable happiness.