How to Make a Hillbilly Costume 2022


If you need a last minute Halloween costume, a hillbilly costume can work for you. It's a simple, classic costume you can assemble. You can use old clothes or make a quick trip to a clothing or costume store. Work on having messy hair and makeup to really bring out the hillbilly aesthetic. Keep in mind that the term"hillbilly,"and the associated stereotypes, are offensive to some people.


Method 1 of 3:Creating Your Outfit

1Consider overalls. Overalls are a classic aspect of a hillbilly costume. If you have old overalls lying around, you can use those. You can also purchase a pair of overalls at a thrift store or regular clothing store.

It may be a good idea to undo one strap of your overalls to look messy, much like a hillbilly.

Consider going for old overalls that are somewhat worn down. Faded clothing, or clothing with holes or patches, can look great for a hillbilly costume.

2Roll up your jeans. If you're unsure about wearing overalls, try wearing rolled up jeans. You can roll up one leg of your jeans, or both legs. For women, this can work particularly well as it's similar to the style of Daisy Duke, a character from The Dukes of Hazard.

As with overalls, old jeans work best. Go for jeans with holes or patches, or faded jeans.

3Try cut-off jean shorts. Cut-off shorts may look somewhat trashy, and therefore be associated with the hillbilly lifestyle. If you really want to commit to the hillbilly style, you can try making your own cut-off jean shorts by trimming off the legs of an old pair of jeans.

4Choose a hillbilly shirt. Take some time to choose a shirt that gives off a hillbilly style. Use an old shirt you have lying around, or make a trip to the thrift store and purchase a shirt that conveys the hillbilly style.

Tank-tops and plain white t-shirts, especially when paired with overalls, may work for the hillbilly style.

As with your jeans and overalls, go for things that are old, ratty, and torn. Pick a shirt with holes in it or a shirt with stains. Consider adding patches to the sleeves of a shirt you don't wear much anymore.

5Find appropriate footwear. You will also need to choose proper footwear for the hillbilly style. There are a variety of different types of shoes that could work for a hillbilly outfit.

Consider trying open-toed sandals, ratty tennis shoes, or going barefoot if possible. If you're going to a house party, for example, barefoot can work great.

Think about buying a pair of cowboy boots. These can work particularly well if you're tying to capture the hillbilly style. Go for work boots over dress boots.

6Go for checkered patterns. Plaid and checkered patterns are often associated with rednecks, which are sort of like hillbillies. Consider investing in plaid or checkered shirts for your costume. A plaid shirt underneath a pair of overalls can make for a great hillbilly costume. You could also try wearing a plaid or checkered skirt if you're a woman.

Method 2 of 3:Gathering Accessories

1Invest in fake teeth. You can buy fake teeth at many costume shops. Fake teeth are often designed to look as if some of your teeth are missing. You can visit a local costume or craft store and see if they sell fake teeth. Many people think of hillbillies as people with missing teeth.

2Consider a trucker hat. A trucker hat may be a good idea, for either a man or a woman. Trucker hats are sometimes associated with redneck/hillbilly culture. Rednecks are slightly different than hillbillies, however. Rednecks are thought of as working class southerners, while hillbillies tend to live in rural areas not necessarily in the south. A trucker hat may be seen as more redneck than hillbilly.

3Carry a knapsack. You can try carrying a knapsack, which is a small bag usually made out of a blanket or rag. As hillbillies are often thought of as homeless or wandering, this could help you get the image down.

Try carrying something like toilet paper in your knapsack. You can pull it out and carry this at parties or for pictures. Toilet paper may indicate you have to use the bathroom in the woods, giving you the rustic hillbilly feel.

4Add a bandana. Bandanas are often associated with hillbilly outfits. Try tying a bandana around your neck or wrapping your hair in a bandana. You can choose any style you like, but a checkered style may best convey the hillbilly aesthetic.

5Carry a beer can. Beer can help you give off a rustic, working class vibe. Consider carrying a beer can around, or something like a forty ounce of beer.

Keep in mind beer is slightly more associated with rednecks than hillbillies. As stated, the two are different. A beer can may result in your costume getting mistaken for a redneck costume.

6Go for a straw hat. Straw hats are often associated with the hillbilly lifestyle. Consider buying a wide-brimmed straw hat and adding it to your hillbilly outfit.

Method 3 of 3:Doing Your Hair and Makeup

1Do a sloppy ponytail. A sloppy side ponytail, for women, can give off a hillbilly vibe. If you're a man with longer hair, you can pull your hair back in a sloppy ponytail. Make sure to gather the hair in a messy fashion, leaving some hairs falling down.

2Try pigtails. Pigtails can give you a country bumpkin-like vibe that can help with the hillbilly style. Try braiding your hair in two pigtails or simply tying your hair on either side of your head.

3Go for messy and disheveled hair. If you're a guy, you may not want to do a ponytail or pigtails. You can try simply messing up your hair so it looks disheveled. You can also tuck your hair under a hat, giving the impression your hair is greasy or dirty.

4Apply makeup to make your face look dirty. A hillbilly costume may benefit from dirty makeup. You can purchase makeup kits at costume shops designed to make your face look dirty. You can also use brown and black eyeshadow to create a dirty look.

Try using a makeup brush to dab shades of brown and black around your cheeks.

You can also dab slightly wet coffee grinds to your cheeks and neck. This can help make you look like your face is covered in dirt and debris.

5Add fake tan. As hillbillies are outdoors a lot, you may want to apply fake tan. You can buy fake tan at most beauty salons and department stores. Read the instructions for safe use and then apply to your face, arms, and other body parts.