How to lose weight in a month?

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First of all, I think there is still a certain problem in this problem. If I lose weight in a month, what will happen after that month? Studies have shown that only 5% of those who lose weight in the short term can maintain their weight after losing weight for a long time, that is to say, 95% of those who lose weight regain their previous weight after losing weight, or are heavier.

And losing weight is not just a matter of perseverance. Many times we want to eat, maybe not hungry, just want to eat, or eat unconsciously, or just feel bad or in a good mood.

Perseverance is not a way to lose weight.

Many people think that they can't keep on losing weight because of the problem of perseverance and self-control. Those who succeed in losing weight must have strong self-discipline, but this is not the case. We are all ordinary people, who succeed in losing weight and can keep it going. Most of them are ordinary people like you and me. Their secret is to live a life. Instead of biting your teeth, you change your habits and stick to the life of the ascetic day after day.


Do you know Oprah? This is the most famous weight loser in the world. I think a lot of people may have heard of her weight loss and inspirational stories. As a black, she was the most influential TV talk show host in America in the 20th century, but you may not know the "Oprah Paradox" in the field of weight loss.

When Oprah was in her early twenties, she competed for Miss America as Miss Tennessee. At that time, she weighed only 125 pounds. Then her weight began to rise sharply. At the heaviest time, she weighed 214 kilograms. As a public figure, she still had a requirement for body shape. So she hired the best nutritionist. Personal fitness coaches develop various weight loss fitness programs, and she spent more than $100 million on the project.

As the richest and most successful black person in the United States, she has always had a strong will and executive power. She has carried out her plan strictly and achieved great success. She has reduced to 144 kilograms, but now she has returned to 182. Through this example, I just want to tell you that losing weight does not depend on expensive personal trainers, dietitians and willpower.

Why not rely on perseverance?

Because research has proved that everyone's willpower is limited, willpower and muscle, when we finish high-intensity strength training, our muscles will be tired and sore, we can not use it to do more other activities. Think about it. When our unit is in a rush and exhausted, when we come home and see the children crying and messy, do you really have extra willpower to eat chicken breast with less oil and salt? When you finish a high-intensity strength training and a marathon, do you really have extra willpower to eat fast?

In eating this thing, people who lose weight need to consume more willpower than people who don't lose weight, so it will be easier to control themselves after using up willpower. If you only rely on willpower to maintain weight loss, the chances of maintaining success are very low.

We mentioned earlier that 95% of the successful people who lose weight quickly can not maintain the effect of losing weight. We can not say that 95% of them are people with insufficient willpower, just because the method is wrong. Every restraint is the consumption of willpower. When the willpower is insufficient, we will not be able to restrain ourselves. So what we need to do is not restraint, but to cultivate our good eating and sports habits. Habits do not consume willpower.

Your lifestyle is your body! Developing good habits, fantasizing about losing weight quickly in a month is just as difficult as fantasizing about getting rich overnight.