How to Live Stream Your Life: 20+ Tools and Resources 2022


Video lifestreaming has become more and more popular with the increasing availability of mobile video recording technology and the decreasing price of webcams. So why not try it out? We've put together a list of 20+ tools to help you get started streaming video of your life.

Below you'll find tools that let you record events from your iPhone on the go, services that let you broadcast your activities from your living room, and more.

And if you do lifestream already, which services do you use and what do you think of them?

Mobile Single Platform

CometNow.com - Allows you to stream using your Windows Mobile device to other cell phones or to computers by going to your streaming page. Works with Windows Mobile devices.

Flixwagon.com - Allows you to stream video live from your phone, save it for later and even alert Twitter to who you are recording. Works with Symbian based phones.

LiveCastr.com - Works with any 3G enabled phone and requires no download to work. Stream can be embedded into social network pages and all videos are automatically archived.

Vox.com - The Vox blogging community also allows you to upload video directly from your N Series Nokia phone to your account. The service is Symbian based.

Multi-Platform Streaming

Justin.tv - Made famous for the fact that the founder, Justin, streamed his life 24/7 when the site started up, and was followed by iJustine spending six months streaming her life. The service can be used with webcams and mobile devices.

Kyte.com -Kyte can be used from webcams or mobile devices, and allows you to brand your channel as well as monetize it.

Livecast.com - Formerly Comvu, Livecast lets you broadcast your life from a wide-range of mobile phones from carriers all over the world, as well as using your own computer.

Mogulus.com - A video streaming service that focuses on desktop services, but does have a complicated looking workaround for mobile streaming.

Qik.com - Qik is available on multiple mobile platforms, including the iPhone, with more planned to come. Stream live from your phone to their site, allowing you to broadcast from anywhere.

Shozu.com - Shozu enables several models of mobile phones to upload and tag photos you take to over 30 social networks including Facebook, YouTube, Blogger and more with just a couple of clicks.


BlogTV.com - Allows you to broadcast live or pre-recorded shows, embed them on your blog, download favorite shows, and more.

Live.Yahoo.com - Yahoo's live streaming service that sends messages to Twitter, embeds selected videos on MySpace, and offers an API for those who need it.

NowLive.com - Features personal channels as well as a heavy focus on scheduled shows and live coverage from events like movie premiers.

Seero.com - Mixes video streaming with geo-tagging to show you where the feed is coming from as well as factoids from that location.

Seesmic.com - Referred to as"the Twitter of video", Seesmic is a micro blogging video service for use with webcams.

UStream.tv - Popular with people wishing to do personal webcam shows as it also provides an embeddable chat room you can put into your own site.

Yaika.com - A European streaming service that makes your streaming page look like a blog so archives are broken down by date.


EarthCam.com - More of a repository of old school webcams. People also use the service for shows.

HelloWorld.com - HelloWorld charges for their streaming service, but offers a lot of other services like private video IMs and more.

Icecast.org - Allows you to set up your own live streaming system, but is for more advanced users.

RantTV - Scheduled live streaming shows with a heavy focus on music.

ShoutCast.com - Allows you to set up a video stream just like you do with audio over the ShoutCast system.

Stickam.com - Focuses a bit more on a scheduled show format than other services, but supports desktop streaming. At this time Stickam has no mobile counterpart.