How to Hide From Annoying Friends on Facebook Chat 2022


How to Hide on Facebook Chat

1. Use the Lists Tool

The most efficient way to"hide"on Facebook Chat is to create a list of people you don't want to chat with.

From your homepage, click on the"More"link next to"Lists"on the left hand side of the screen.

2. Making a List

On the next screen, hit"Create List"at the top right, give your list a title and start typing the names of people you want to hide from.

When you've added everyone, save the list down.

3. Chat Options

Next, on the bottom right of your screen, click the cog for your Facebook Chat options.

4. Advanced Settings

Select"Advanced Settings."

5. Control Your Online Status

This gives you the option, before you sign into Chat, to manage your online status.

6. Hide From Certain People

You can choose to appear offline to certain people either by adding in your"offline"list, or typing individual names.

7. Appear Online to Certain People

Alternatively you can choose to appear online to selected people.

8. Go Online

Now, when you sign into Chat, you will only be visible to the select group.

9. Manage Settings Online

Finally, if you forgot to add someone to your list, you can change your online status while you are signed into Chat.

To do this, simply click on the person's name, hit the cog menu and select"Go Offline to ."