How to Get Through Valentine’s Day Being Single 2022


Being single doesn't mean that you need to find Valentine's Day a depressing occasion. You can still treat yourself and feel good about where you are in life. This article provides a range of ideas for doing things to participate"in spirit"while keeping up your spirit; or, you can simply treat it like any other day.


1Get chocolate. Who says you need someone to buy it for you? Get a box of chocolate and enjoy it. Chocolate releases endorphins in the brain to make you feel good! So a little chocolate will actually improve your mood and make you feel better.

2Send yourself roses or a fun candy bouquet. Order the set a couple weeks before Valentine's Day. Sign the card"From A Special Admirer."and send it for you to get on Valentine's Day. Even if you remember it's you who really sent it, it will still make your day.

3Spend time with those you love. Instead, spend time with different kind of love - your friends and your family. See a movie with some friends, eat dinner at the local diner with a handful of family, whatever you do, love is love, and Valentine's Day is there to represent it. You don't need to be in a romantic relationship to enjoy Valentine's Day.

4If you just got out of a bad relationship, a great idea of what to do for yourself is, make it a"Pamper Day"or an"All About You Day". Go spend some money on yourself. It's good to be a little selfish now and then. And when you see those red heart decorations or you hear a love song, think of yourself, and how much you love yourself.

5Don't feel sorry for yourself. This will just make the day depressing and dreaded. Instead, be excited for this day. After all, it only comes once a year and it's still a holiday!

6Bake! Try out a fun recipe and spend time on it! And make it a goal to eat all yourself! Try this. Basically, it's a fast 10 minute way of making a cake!

7Do something nice for another person. Open a door for someone who needs it, volunteer at a church, buy a rose and give it to someone random on the street, whatever you do, will make you feel full of love inside.

8Visit somebody. A friend, a relative you haven't seen in a while, whoever it is, visit them. Offer to help out a little bit. This is your day, spend it on someone worth spending on.

9You can also stay inside. This simplest of all solutions is also the most difficult to carry out, if Valentine's Day is in the middle of your workweek or at the start of it—and your supervisor may not appreciate having half her work force call in sick on a busy Monday. But if you're self-employed, by all means, lock your door, turn off all your lights, and wait until the day is over. Try to avoid this, but if you're really this depressed, stay in.

10Don't compare yourself to other people. If you're the type who imagines folks secretly pointing at you on the street and laughing at your single status, you're spending way too much time measuring yourself against supposedly happy, snuggling couples. Remember: just because a person is partnered up on V-Day doesn't necessarily mean that he or she is blissed out (or even remotely contented).

11Use Valentine's Day as an actively seek a partner day, so many places put on singles evenings so get your girlfriends or male friends together and head for a singles party. Who knows who you might meet?