How to Enable the New Facebook Timeline NOW 2021


EDITOR'S NOTE: The Facebook Timeline is now available for all, and it's remarkably easy to enable it for your account. This old method doesn't work any more, so follow this link for the easy new way to make it happen!

Facebook Timeline: In-Depth

The New Facebook Profile: Timeline

Timeline is a radical departure from previous versions of the Facebook user profile. The most prominent feature is the addition of a cover photo at the top of the page. Users can change this to whatever they'd like it to be.


Facebook knows that in 1986 my sister was born. Facebook is aware of these life events and includes them in your timeline.

Being Born

You can even add a picture and context to your birth, which starts the Timeline.

Timeline Interface

The Timeline is a two-column interface with top photos, status updates, friends and more.


Facebook has added a feature that lets you see where you have visited. This is powered by Facebook Places.

Photos in the Timeline

Here's how photos are displayed in the Timeline.

Friends in the New Timeline

Here's how friends are displayed in the Timeline.

Changing Settings

Some of the new Timeline's customization features.


More of the new Timeline.

Life Events

While joining Facebook is one event, you can also add life events such as getting married or starting a job to your profile through the Publisher Bar. You can also announce that you broke a bone, moved to a new city, etc.