How to Decorate Your PC for Christmas 2022


You might work hard to decorate your house for Christmas, but what about your computer? Microsoft offers a variety of themes available for download from the Microsoft Store, including Christmas themes. This will teach you how to download and apply Christmas themes to your computer to make it feel a little more festive.


1Open Settings. Click (or tap) the Start button ], and then click on the settings gear ].


3Click the"Themes"option in the left pane.

4Select"Get more themes in the Microsoft Store". This will open the Microsoft Store to the themes page.

5Choose which theme you want. There are a few Holiday Themes available from the Microsoft Store. A good one for Christmas is,"Winter Holiday Glow". You can find this one near the top, although you may have to scroll down a little bit.

Frosty Art is also a good theme if you are looking for a theme that does not just apply to Christmas.

6Click"Get". This will install the theme.

Note, if you clicked on any of the links in the previous step, you will need to click"Get"twice.

7Click"Apply"once the theme has downloaded. This will apply the theme. You can now close the store and admire your newly decorated computer.

8Click on the theme in Settings. Once your theme has downloaded, the settings app will open. Click on the theme that you just downloaded to apply it.