How to Decide on Airsoft Roles 2021


If you want to start an airsoft or paintball team, you need to decide roles. Generally, the roles include Team Leader, Tactical Officer, Rifleman, Recon, Sniper, Heavy Infantry, Medic(optional), Grenadier(optional), and Squad Designated Marksman.


1Start by gathering squad members.

2Decide on a Team Leader. This should be the person with the most experience. The Team Leader should be the final decision and out in the field as another role.

3Decide on a Tactical Officer. This person will assist the Team Leader in making tactical decisions. The Tactical Officer can also play any other role.

4Decide the other roles. Here are the roles in no particular order:

Rifleman - The basic unit. They are normally a large unit that engages the enemy together. They should know basic battle tactics and be able to trust each other. This unit should be able to provide plenty of firepower and support.

A basic Assault Rifle like an M16 or an AK-47

Sidearms are recommended

Medium armor

Walky-talky / Radio

Recon - This is the faster, more versatile unit. They are the pawns of airsoft, normally the first people to go in and the first to get eliminated. This unit can be assigned to lead a charge, clear rooms, be an anti-sniper, cause a distraction, and gather information. This unit should be able to charge into enemy territory and not be afraid of getting shot.

A pistol, a sawed off shotgun, or compact airsoft rifle (MP5, AK74U, Shorty M4, etc.).

Ammo for the other infantry

Light armor for fast moving

Walky-talky / Radio

Sniper - This unit usually gets the least amount of kills because they are normally a stationary unit. They eliminate targets and, like recon, can be used to gather information. This unit should be able camouflage with their surroundings and hit targets at least 200 feet (61.0 m) away.

Sniper Rifle

Side arm is essential


Light armor

Walky-talky / Radio

Heavy Infantry - Also called the support gunner. They have the heaviest armor and heaviest weapons. The person/people chosen to play this role should be guys that have some scare factor in them. They shouldn't be afraid of being hit and should be comfortable without being able to use cover. This unit should be able to come when called and lay down a blanket of continuous fire that keeps the enemy's head down so teammates can move forward.

Heavy weapons like a SAW

Very heavy armor for front line defense

Walky-talky / Radio

Medic - When someone is down, the medic must come to aid them. Recon will normally assume this unit when necessary because they already have the same skill and equipment a medic needs. This unit should be able to run in swiftly and heal another player without getting hit.

Any light MG/SMG

Any armor

Weapons Sling or Holster is essential

Deck of cards or something small to tap and"aid wounded"

Grenadier - Also called explosives expert. This unit basically loves to watch things explode so they get as close as they can in airsoft by getting tons and tons grenades and other things that go boom. This unit should be able to clear rooms and alleyways simply by throwing grenades in it.

Heavy grenades

Heavy armor

Short - Medium range rifle w/ underbarrel launcher or a Stand alone GL(M79, AT4, RPG7, MGL)

Walky-talky / Radio

Squad Designated Marksman - SDM or DMR is the long range non-sniper unit. This unit shoots from long range but is not a sniper. This means their gun should be able to go semi-auto as well as full-auto. This units rifle/s should be able to get a ranges close to a snipers but have the capability of being a Rifleman if necessary.

Long range rifle

Light armor

Walky-talky / Radio

5Expand the options if your team is very big. For a large team, shoot to have:

One Team Leader

One Tactical Officer

Four Riflemen

Two Recon

One Sniper

Two Heavy Gunner

One to two Medics (optional)

One Grenadier (optional)

One Squad Designated Marksman

6Keep to a core set of roles for a small team, You should have:

One Team Leader

One Tactical Officer

Two Riflemen

One Recon

One Sniper

One Heavy Gunner

One medic (optional)

One Grenadier (optional)

One Squad Designated Marksman