How to Create a Vault Dweller Costume 2021


Are you a huge fan of Fallout? Do you want to cosplay as a vault dweller, or even the Lone Wanderer? Then this is the article will help you gather ideas for creating a great vault dweller costume of your own.


1Assemble the suit. There's lots of ways to form the base of the suit. The best methods are using a pair of crisp jeans and a jean jacket or a blue jumpsuit.

2Get ready to modify it. Get some bright yellow clothing paint. Form two parallel vertical lines starting at the waist. Paint them up to the collar of the suit, then around the neck. Let it dry after (preferred 72 hours).

3Flip it. Using the same clothing paint, paint on the number of the vault of your choosing on the back.

Before painting, make sure you have the correct proportions in mind. Stencil it on beforehand if necessary.

4Leave it to dry again. Once it is done, get ready to find accessories.

5Wear a black tool belt across your waist.

6Sling a (fake) ammo belt across your shoulder.

7Tuck the pant legs into black combat boots.

8Using some old sports equipment, add armor to your costume. Some good ideas would be scrapped shoulder pads, knee guards, arm braces, etc.

9Get a Pip-Boy to complete the costume. You can make a replica (there are tutorials online), or buy one online.

Alternatively, the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition comes with a genuine Pip-Boy.