How to Choose Non‐Candy Fillings for Plastic Easter Eggs 2022


Easter is a popular candy giving holiday. Easter baskets are often filled with chocolate bunnies, Peeps, and assorted other sweets. By using non-candy fillings for plastic Easter eggs, you can cut down on your kids' intake of sweets while still including an enjoyable surprise. Fill eggs with toys, like figurines and stickers. Load eggs with useful items, like compasses or money. Use healthy snacks, like fruit snacks and Easter themed crackers, as a substitute for the traditional candy filling.


Method 1 of 3:Filling Easter Eggs with Toys

1Hide miniature figurines in the eggs. There are many kinds of figurines you can use. Some examples of this might include things like Lego figures, army men, mini ninjas, small models of animals, like cats, and so on. Choose a figurine that aligns with your child's interests.

A wide variety of small figurines can be found at your local discount/budget store. What's more, you can often buy these figurines in an assortment so that your child isn't getting the same figurine with every egg.

Toy stores are another place to be on the lookout for figurines. These are generally a little more expensive than dollar store purchases, but are usually of higher quality.

2Insert small packages of bubble making mixture into eggs. This is an excellent gift for young and old children alike. Plenty of fun can be had blowing bubbles after the eggs are found. You may want to bring a plastic egg along when you're buying bubbles so you can make sure the bubbles will fit inside.

Large sized Easter eggs can be bought at most toy stores, dollar stores, and general retailers around Easter time. These may accommodate the bubbles inside most easily.

Bubble mixtures can be bought from general retailers, toy stores, and dollar stores. Buy an assortment of colors so children can more easily tell their bubbles apart from other children's.

3Add a bouncy ball inside the eggs. Bouncy balls can provide hours of fun to children. Set up some cleaned tin cans outside and have children try to knock these down with their balls. Teach your kids how to play Jacks with their bouncy balls.

You may want to make a rule that bouncy balls can only be used outside the house. Bouncy balls can be erratic, and playing with them indoors might result in something being broken.

4Put stickers into eggs. Where kids are concerned, stickers are usually a crowd favorite. Hologram stickers, in particular, make excellent Easter egg fillers. Buy these at general retailers, stationery stores, and the dollar store.

Buy an assortment of stickers that include things like animals, sports items and players, fantastical creatures, and so on.

Method 2 of 3:Loading Easter Eggs with Useful Items

1Tuck away a mini compass in eggs. These can be useful if your child gets lost. Many compasses can be clipped to things like backpacks and jacket zippers. Teach your child how to use a compass and have them apply their new knowledge with a game that involves this item. For example, you might:

Set up a backyard scavenger hunt. Hide eggs in hard to find locations, create clues that utilize compass directions, and teach your kids a useful skill while having fun.

2Fill eggs with clothing items and accessories. If your children's sock supply is running low, roll up pairs into small balls and put them inside Easter eggs. Similarly fill eggs with barrettes, rolled up belts, nail polish, earrings, necklaces, wrist watches, wallets, and more.

Cloth items can oftentimes be folded down and rolled up to fit in eggs. In some cases, you might need to use a large sized plastic egg, which are available at general retailers and dollar stores.

3Deposit money into eggs. Even if your kids don't like typical Easter toys or snacks, giving them money will provide them opportunity to buy things on their own. Get a roll of quarters from the bank and split it among several eggs. For older kids, you might want to use larger bills, like $1, $5, and $10 denominations.

To encourage responsible spending of this Easter money, you might want to accompany the money with a small note saying something like, “For school.”

If you know your kids are saving up for a specific gift, like an elaborate Lego set or a video game/system, include a note with the money saying, “For the Lego set you're saving up for.”

4School or art supplies. Many school and art supplies are small enough to fit even in the smallest eggs. Erasers, themed paper clips (like those shaped like bunnies), stamps, sidewalk chalk, sculpting clay/playdough, glue, glitter, mini-highlighters, and rolled up cloth lunch bags are items you might consider.

Method 3 of 3:Using Healthy Snacks

1Replace candy with raisins. You can find raisins sold in mini boxes at most stores. These fit nicely into most normal and large sized eggs. To save money, buy raisins in bulk and wrap them in clear plastic tinted Easter colors. This kind of decorative plastic can be found at general retailers and craft stores.

2Choose healthy fruit snacks as a candy substitute. Not all fruit snacks are healthy. Find a suitable, healthy fruit snack at your local grocery store and put individual packages into Easter eggs. Buy a few different kinds of fruit snacks so there's variety from egg to egg.

Extra fruit snacks can be saved for later. Pack lunches with leftover fruit snacks, use them as an after-school treat.

3Choose Easter themed crackers and treats. Many companies produce Easter themed versions of products around this holiday. There are also crackers and treats that are naturally Easter themed, like Cheddar Bunnies. Search the aisles of your local supermarket to find suitable, healthy treats like this.

4Select a sugar free bubble gum as an egg treat. Bubble gum that's loaded with sugar will still be healthier than traditional Easter candy, but sugar can lead to cavities. For the healthiest option, choose a sugar free gum. Put individual sticks of gum or whole packages into the eggs.

Some kinds of gum come with supplemental prizes. For example, gum that also comes with temporary tattoos on its wrappers would likely be enjoyed even more by your kids.