How to Choose a Frederic Remington Sculpture Reproduction 2022


Frederic Remington (1861 - 1909) created 22 subjects in bronze, beginning with The Bronco Buster in 1895. These subjects were cast in numbers according to retail demand. Since the copyrights expired mid-20th century, the sculptures have been available to anyone who wants to make and sell copies. They're offered today in a wide spectrum of venues. Quality varies greatly.

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1Do your homework. Visit authentic casts at museums.

2Check out Icons of the West: Frederic Remington's Sculpture by Michael D.Greenbaum at your library. Between reading and looking at the pictures, this book will give you an in-depth education. It also lists locations of authentic casts.

3Now that you are a connoisseur, you are prepared to evaluate reproductions. You can select reproductions that best represent the artist's original work. Your newfound expertise will prepare you to best enjoy a reproduction that you've carefully chosen.