How to Change From a Bad Girl to a Good Girl 2022


If you've ever felt like you want to stop being a 'bad girl,' but you fear your peers may keep holding you down from changing your stereotype, try some of these tips from this article.


1Act like you were never a bad person at all. Throw away clothes that remind you of things you've done wrong, like that shirt you got dirty when you fell off the wall trying to break in to a friend's house. If anyone asks you or comments on something you regret, change the subject, or make a comment about how you really wish that it had never happened.

2No swearing. This is a no-no if you're trying to change your rep. If you find this hard, like a lot of people do, look through some of the article on the topic- they can really help with these ends of things.

3You don't have to become a nerd, but pay attention in class and strive to do well in your studies. It sounds like a lot of extra work, but when you start looking for that college scholarship later on in life, you'll regret it if you don't have semi-good grades.

4Become an optimist! Even if it really isn't you, always try to find at least one thing that's good or that could be worse about your situation. If you keep it up, it may become a habit.

5Tone down that make up. If you wear too much make up or dress goth, stop. Gradually start wearing nicer clothes, and don't put on so much make up and products. Choose lighter, happier colors, and you may end up with a changed stereotype just because of the way you look. It's stupid, but make up really has an effect in today's world.