How to Become a Proctor 2022


Becoming a test proctor is a great way to earn some extra cash! Schools, universities, and companies that administer exams often hire people to proctor exams. Once you find a job opening for a proctor position, you will need to make sure you meet the qualifications for that particular position and submit an application.


Method 1 of 2:Finding a Proctoring Job

1Find an institution or company that is seeking proctors. The first step in becoming a proctor is finding a place where you can proctor exams. Companies that administer exams, like the SAT or LSAT, often advertise for proctors. You can also proctor exams at local schools, universities, or training facilities.

2Do an online search for proctor positions. You can identify job opportunities for exam proctors by doing an online search. Try searching sites like Loyalist, PSI, or ProctorFree for open positions. You can also search the websites of local schools and universities.

3Call local schools and universities about proctor positions. Call local institutions and ask if they are currently hiring proctors. This can open up opportunities that might not be listed on the school's website. Be sure to ask about the school's requirements for exam proctors.

4Consider joining a proctoring network. There are networks of exam proctors within particular locations and institutions. For example, many state university systems have proctor networks that they draw upon when proctors are needed. You can also join a proctoring network for companies that administer online exams. Once you are a member, you can be called upon to proctor exams within the network.

5Make sure you meet the qualifications. Every institution and company has different qualifications for becoming a proctor. For example, some universities require you to be a librarian, educator, counselor, or military officer in order to become a proctor. Ask the institution or company what their particular requirements for exam proctors are.

Be aware of things that might disqualify you from becoming a proctor, like being a student at the institution or being a friend or family member of a current student.

6Complete a test proctor application. Once you have located a proctoring position for which you are qualified, you will need to complete an authorized test proctor application. In most instances, you will be asked to submit your resume, references, and an online application form.

Method 2 of 2:Being an Effective Proctor

1Familiarize yourself with the examination administration procedures. A good test proctor is well versed in the rules and regulations for any given exam. Study the exam or test regulations and commit them to memory. For example, if no breaks are allowed during the test, you should commit this rule to memory.

2Get as much proctoring experience as possible. The best proctors are those that have extensive experience proctoring exams. Sign up to proctor multiple exams and make an effort to learn from each individual experience. This will help you become a great exam proctor.

3Make sure you meet the minimum requirements. For a lot of proctoring positions, you will be required to proctor a minimum number of exams during your contract. For example, some universities require proctors to work at least four exams per semester.

4Keep a flexible schedule. Once you locate an institution or company through which you will seek experience as an exam proctor, you will need to be available to proctor the exams. If possible, keep flexible hours for other employment obligations to allow time in your schedule to proctor exams