How to Be Organised (for Teens) 2022


Seeing a mess in your space is always a big put-off, and it's always tempting to procrastinate and typically 'leave it for later'. Hate not knowing how to navigate your own room? Read more to find out how to get rid of these annoying things.


Part 1 of 3:Cleaning Your Room

1Clean that cupboard. Basically, take out your clothes drawer by drawer, folding them into neat piles according to them (shirts, tank tops, shorts etc). When your closet is completely empty, allocate clothes to each drawer/section and put them in accordingly.

2Organize your desk. For this, this is pretty similar to cleaning your cupboard, the most efficient way is to completely empty your desk, put all your stuff in piles on your bed. In your mind make a little plan for where you'll put everything, then carefully refill your desk neatly.

3Make your bed. It's not that hard, and it'll make you feel better about your room. It won't look right if you have a perfect room except for a bed that resembles a disaster zone.

4Have a nice floor. Don't have underwear or any other things beside furniture littering your floor. If your hands get messy from cleaning, wear gloves.

5Use boxes. If you have a bit of stuff that you don't use that much, but too precious to you that you can't throw it away, allocate a box for all this stuff and guess what you do now? Fill it. When done, label your box and put it subtly in a corner.

Part 2 of 3:Organizing School Stuff

1Organize those school books. When you take your textbooks home, it's better if you have a nice little box or magazine holder thing so you can keep your books organized, neat and easy to reach.

2Clean out that pencil case. Empty your pencil case onto your desk or a table. Sort out your things, throw out out broken pens or other items and if you have an unnecessarily large amount of something, use only a few for school. Use elastic bands or spare hair-ties to organize if you need it.

3Have a strong and suitable school bag. A good one should be about to fit in all of your books and laptop (if you need/have one), don't let it be so small you need to carry something else to occupy your hands.

Part 3 of 3:Preparing Ahead of Time

1Get ready every night before going to bed. Prepare your school bag every night before you go to sleep, if you take a packed lunch, you could prepare it the night before and put it in the fridge overnight to put in the next morning.

2Prepare your uniform. Each night lay out some fresh clothes/your uniform for the next day and other things you need.