How to Add Additional Items to a Target Delivery via the Target App on an iPhone After Purchasing 2022


If you've ever placed a Target order for delivery with the Target app on an iPhone, you'll feel like it's such a hassle adding more items to the order. However, it really isn't. This article will explain this process.


1Ensure you are not within the hour before the start of your delivery window. Target stops customers from adding to or taking action on any part of their order within this hour window, and you'll want to make sure you aren't within this period. When you place the order, you are asked to supply the delivery window, and if you aren't sure of this window, as you begin this process, you'll be told.

2Open the Target app on your device. The Target app looks like the traditional Target bullseye and is mostly white with a red, circular bullseye shape in the center.

3Find your order. Tap your name button in the bottom right corner, then tap Purchases just below the red"bar"at the top. Your orders should come up in the"Online"tab. You'll be wanting to watch for"Scheduled for (time)-(to time) (date)"on the order. This time-to-time is the delivery window. Tap the order.

4Ensure that the"Scheduled for"bar just below the order total and card details say it's for"Same Day Delivery". This is the only indication at this time that it's a Shipt Delivery via the Target app.

5Look for and tap the"Add to your order"button just below this section in the grey section listing"Target"-"order placed"and the time and date it was placed just above the green/grey line indicating the part of the process the order is in.

6Find the item. Either scroll up and down and left and right on the scrollable window or search Target for delivery-eligible items from the same store by tapping the"Search eligible items", supplying the item in the most generic or verbose description as possible and tapping the search term that best represents what you want.

Tip: As a customer, you may want to provide a little more details if there may be some confusion as to two similar products with differing sizes, colors, or intensities. Otherwise, you can generacize it to include brand names and product types.

7Tap the"Add"button. On the main page of the"Add to your order"menu, you can tap the"Add"button which is right underneath the product name and size. On a search page, you can find that below the product's rating (to the right of the products' image). The item's price, name, and size will be just above the rating and should represent the shelf price.

8Scroll up on the list to view other comparable products that may match or come close to your search term, or tap the red arrow in the top left to back out and go back to your order.