Graspr Gets $2.5M for Instructional Video Network, Launches Syndication Program 2021


Since launching almost a year ago at DEMOfall, how-to video network Graspr has reportedly sourced and filtered over 20,000 instructional videos through its network. In an effort to take this content to the next level, Graspr is announcing its new syndication platform, which is designed to help users edit, promote, distribute and track their videos. This syndication platform will also include a revenue-sharing option for content producers. To incentivize users even further, Graspr is also launching an affiliate network, where users can cash in from referrals based on revenues generated through their Graspr content.

In order to get the ball rolling on these ambitious new programs, Graspr has raised $2.5 million in Series A funding, led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and angel investors. While we've seen a fair share of video networks roll out revenue-sharing programs, the user-generated instructional video network is the most interesting as a marketplace, considering the increased likelihood of there being content that's worth its purchase price. To that end, a central focus for Graspr is to provide a marketing platform of sorts, so that at least some of the heavy lifting is taken care of as far as promotions go.

Graspr has worked closely with its content creators in the creation, editing and promotion process, and has found that providing more tools for these aspects of the process could help the users help themselves. For now, some of these features include RSS subscription options and optimized SEO for the promotion of content. According to Graspr founder and CEO Teresa Philips,"launching an editor that makes it an online story creator. It has a drag'n'drop interface, the ability to add a title, and transitions, background music, and other basic stuff. But it covers all the bases for creating impactful video for learning. We think that will make a real difference."

As the content creation and publication aspects of online media have been established, I couldn't agree more with the necessity of providing users more ways in which to syndicate and promote their content, beyond the home base network. I'm interested in seeing the monetary benefits of Graspr's new programs play out as well.