Good Defensive Stance in Basketball

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In basketball, it is important to practice good defensive stance. This article shows you how to practice defensive stance.

4 Ways to Practice Good Defensive Stance in Basketball

Make your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart

Move your feet forward and place them a little wider than your knees. This should be comfortable shoulder width apart. This stance can lower your center of gravity and give you a strong foundation.

Put your weight on your paw and bend your knees

Transfer your weight to your feet and lift your heel slightly off the ground. Bend your knees and lower your body to a strong squat position. A good rule of thumb is, if you think you are low enough, try to reduce it.

  • Focus on keeping the weight of your feet, but not on your toes, which will make you lose balance.
  • To test how low your posture is, please extend it down with one hand. You should be able to touch the ground with your fingers. You can still move easily; if you can't, please relax a little.
  • Keeping your weight low and centered around your feet will help you stop quickly, accelerate faster, and respond better to the ball.

Keep your back flat, but not straight

Your back should be straight from the shoulders to the hips and slightly arched, but not completely straight. To help you understand your posture, hold your hands to the ground while you are chest lifting. Your upper body will lean a little forward, but keep your body in balance.

  • It may seem uncomfortable at first, but it will feel more natural after a period of practice.
  • To ensure that the back is flat, it can keep the balance while protecting the back from injury.

Raise your hands to make them loose and active

Try to spread your hands on both sides, or put one hand aside, while keeping the other hand on the offensive player's hips, or break the ball with it. No matter what you do, do not keep your hands still.

Your coach may have a specific hand position, and they want you to use it, depending on how aggressive your defense is. If not, just focus on keeping your hands and staying active. Try different positions to see what feels natural and effective.