Difficult for women to lose weight after 40 years old

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It is difficult for a woman to lose weight after she is 40 years old. I am not an expert. I only look at this problem from a woman who is 40 years old.

Difficult for women to lose weight after 40 years old

metabolic slowdown

First of all, metabolic slowdown, while living habits have not changed, relevant data show that the human body from the age of 20, metabolism began to slow down.

Imagine, 20 years ago, how big your meals were, I think most people would say, 20-year-old girl, afraid of fat, eat only a little, anyway, I remember, at that time I only eat a small half bowl of rice, I was most impressed by the first few years, the neighborhood girl was 18 years old, a meal a dumpling, a dumpling, what concept If we are now, a dumpling, when cooking dumplings, fishing out a taste, you will have a feeling? I did not. One family eats dumplings. There are 3 or 5 left on the table. Do you feel it when you throw your mouth? Do you feel full? Some may feel it, but think about it, these dumplings have to be put alone, the next meal is not good, stomach bar. It's just a meal. You've put in a few more dumplings. I'm sure it's never done once a day. So you eat a lot and you consume less. Can you stop being fat? Over and over, who are fat if you are not fat?

Too little exercise

Some people will say that too little exercise is also the cause of obesity, in fact, my view, on the contrary, 40-year-old women exercise less than young people. I am talking about general phenomena, except for individuals.

Most of the 40-year-old women's children are about 14 or 15 years old, and their children are about to graduate from junior high school or primary school. At this stage, the children are the busiest. They get up early and go to bed late every day, go to the market to buy vegetables, go home to cook, take their children to cram school, and some parents have to carry at least 20 kilograms of schoolbags. The children have a Sunday to sleep. Lazy, parents okay, the children rest, but also have to wash clothes, think about buying something delicious to eat, at the end of the day, less than the children exercise, many, why fat?

Psychological factor

When a woman reaches the age of 40, she is already married. When she is young, she has children and loved ones. When she is young, she eats less for the sake of beauty, and that is not to find a good mate. Now it doesn't matter. If she has a good child and a good husband, then I'm better. This is one of them; when she is between 45 and 55, she is about 40 years old. No such burden, I am young, do not worry about this, psychological burden down, can not be fat?

We can often see that some women who do weight-building exercise are mostly about 50 years old, and 40 or so is very few, busy on the one hand, psychological factors account for a large proportion.